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You're probably here to introduce yourself after you've made an account, or to welcome people who have decided to start running! Great!

Since you've made an account, be sure to add in the links to your Twitch / Twitter / Website / can add all of these and more in your profile settings page. Click your name in the top right of screen, and Edit Profile. It makes it easier for people to find your content, and get in touch with you.

Now, that you've done that - consider joining the SR Discord. Click the "..." to the left of the search bar, and at the bottom under social, you'll find our Facebook, Twitter and Discord to join if you want to interact with everyone! YAY!


Q: I have a question about a game I want to run. Where do I go?

A: Find the game you want to run, and on the left side of the game page, select the forums for that game. Ask your question there.


Q: I submitted a run, and it hasn't been accepted! Help?

A: Even moderators have lives - sometimes it can take a few days before things get approved. If after three weeks/a month nothing has been done, let one of the site moderators know either on the Discord, or on the respective forums threads in "The Site" section.


Q: I've got trouble with a game I run, a submission, a bug on the site, or another user. Who can help?

A: First port of call is your games' moderators (green swords) or super moderators (red swords). They can solve most issues.

If they can't, then contact one of the content mods (bronze shield) or even one of us full mods (silver shield) and we'll resolve the matter. We're contactable via. the Discord, and our social media links from our profiles.

Click the "..." next to the search bar at the top, click the 'About' button and there you will find a list of all the Staff - global mods and admins of the site.


Q: I need help with my streaming, a general site question or similar. Where to ask?

A: Have a look on the relevant sections of the forums. You already found your way here, so you're right next to the other sections!


Q: I've got a tech problem, capturing or getting the best out of my game. Any advice or help?

First of all, I made a rough guide for you;

Second of all, ask around in your community and people will be able to tell you what they do for their setups. Most people are pretty open, and there are many ways to accomplish what you want to, even on a range of budgets.


Q: I submitted a run, it hasn't been approved, it's been ages and the moderator(s) of the series haven't been active on the site for over a month, according to their profiles. Can I get mod of that game?

A: A very common scenario, just ask after the allowed amount of time in the "Moderation Request Thread" in The Site subforum.

Your account has to be in good standing to request moderation of a game or series, and after the approval process you must adhere to the responsibilities and actions of a moderator. If you are unable to do this, then we will take over control of the game/series until a new moderator can be found.


Q: X game doesn't exist on the site, and I want to submit a run! How?

A: Apart from certain games that run on their own site....request it! We'll make it!

Just remember that game submissions have their own rules about what we accept on the site, so be sure to read them in advance, and have a run ready for us to review in order to accept the game. We also no longer accept "flash" style games or anything similar to them, and similarly mobile games and short/trivial games are up for discretion of the site. We also are not accepting meme games, or visual novels. Modifcations, hacks and fan games are accepted within reason.

If it's a game without a strong following or community, we can still accept it - it might grow into a community - but we're not just adding anything you find as a game.

Check if your game already exists on the site, and if your game should belong to part of a series!!

If you make too many inappropriate requests, submit with videos designed to irritate users and be a general pain across the site, timeouts and bans can and will be enforced. Be good!


Q: I want to race someone! How do we do it?

A: Go to and organise a race there. The link is available in the top task bar of this site.


Q: What is a good game to learn?

A: Whatever you enjoy, and won't get sick of after resetting and seeing the intro chapter a million times. Speedrun because you want to, and you have fun doing so - not because you feel compelled to.


Q: I want to use content, or the API of the site. May I?

A: For all content inquires, read the disclaimer in the "About" section of the site, and contact the site administrators. There is an API section from the taskbar at the top of the site. Please read the disclaimer as well before using the API for any projects.


Q: I really want to help keep this site alive. Can I donate?

A: There is also a Donate and Patreon links from the taskbar at the top of the site. This site is a volunteer effort, without private backing. All contributions go towards the development of the site and related content, not to anything else.


Q: I have other questions! Who, what, when, where, how?

A: As mentioned before, use the specific game subforums, or the relevant section in the forums for most questions to get a better answer. Beyond that, try asking the quesiton in the Discord for a quicker response, and if none of those still help you, flag one of us site moderators down and we'll set you sailing in the right direction.

(NB: Sails and boats provided at own expense)


Do be aware of the SR rules, and the rules of your games' community. Things like harassment, spam, abuse and cheating are not permitted.

These are just a short snippet of questions that you may have. If you have any more, ask away! The site is constantly improving, and we want everyone to love their time here and with the community.

Thanks guys, see you around!


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