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I summited about 5 runs and it has been 1 month since the first one that i did and still nothing, i see that one of the mods checks in the site every so often and streams irregulary. I have tried to catch him when he streams but i havent been able to.

So what should i do?


Your options, In no particular order:

Contact the mod(s) for the game, and ask for an update.
If the mods haven't logged in for more than 3 weeks, request mod status for yourself.

Honest question, why does it matter how long it takes to get a run displayed on the leaderboard?

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If the mod doesn't verify or reject the run, you should contact them. If they don't reply then having them removed would be best. Which can only be done by admins of the site.

@ZenicReverie to be fair, that's quite a while to wait.

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how do i contact them? i have tried throuh discord and twitch, shuold i put a request for the review in the forum of the game?
im sorry if im been impatient but i dont know what to do.

thank you everybody that has anwers so far, it helps a lot


Yes, you can use the forum. I've had to use that as a last resort once.
Use any social media they have attached to their account (Twitter, discord, twitch, etc); and if you can't get anything, you can contact Mods in [Forums / The Site / Leaderboards moderation requests thread]



I just enter this page a little while ago, I uploaded an execution that was a good time ago (I did not know how much time), and no moderator has validated the TAS. Please beg for help

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@RashoCEuX TAS, tool assisted runs use things such as save states and sometimes impossible input (left +right) to get an extremely short times that compete in the frame range. TAS runs should go onto a site like , while is for speedruns with human possible input without tools. If you really meant just a normal run, and you submitted it, then it could take up to three weeks usually. If not you should maybe try to contact the mods directly on discord/twitch/youtube whatever.


@RashoCEuX You can't validate a TAS, this is a speedrunning site, not a TAS one. In Speedrun TAS is the definition of CHEAT lol