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Commander! In recent circumstances of all systems and galaxies-wide panspermic pandemic situation all idle reserve resources are requested to help to solve, assist, and study for overcoming issues related to the systemic bottle neck concerning a time related to an inexperienced rookie pilot at Lave, G1, with ill-equipped non-pimped'up, tribble-free, standard Cobra Mk III, to join the ranks of The Federation with the combat rating "Elite" to improve chances against both a future panspermic situations but also oncoming Thargoid encounters in a various combat zones in all 9-galaxies of the Universe.

In recent inter-galactic alarming circumstances, The Federation assumes that several sectors of normal inter-planetary and system-to-system trade has declined to bare minimum not allowing proper, lucrative enough trading/financial environment to continue the normal businesses with enough high cost-efficiency for these operations, while in several systems a local circumstances are continuously worsening, particularly with increased pirate activity, in some cases critically.

The Elite Federation representatives of The Galaxy 1 are already noticed that there are enormous, idle, and irresponsible parties going on at The system Lave's Coriolis space station by all those young, careless Jamesons with inherited Cobra MK IIIs, and that such force of immense potential could maybe directed toward more useful activities in these dire times of galactic crisis.

The Elite Federation declares that already sparse lines of true badass Elite Commanders and supervising Archangels need recruit urgently more fresh blood to their ranks to be able to meet overwhelming challenges of an undetermined future.

You have time, you have a ship, situation in nearby Riedquat is alarming... You also need only less than 3 hours to become Elite! Probably less than 2h 30mins according to the chief scientific officer of The Elite Federation. Commander Jameson! Don't waste your time being useless party monster at Lave, as if example set by Elites, you already know that you can be improving your hitpoint count and rating already at anarchic system Riedquat after some 8-10 minutes from the start of your Maiden Flight.

All necessary modules for the functional Cobra Mk III are available in all relevant abandonware -sites, and DOS-Box console is available for free too.

You simply cannot call yourself "Elite", (even less Archangel) in PC/DOS Elite Plus without being able to get The promotion within 3 hours.

Remove your fear glands today, and use your idle time more usefully!

Right on Commander!

EliteMegaWeed a.k.a. Nothoria Infama
Archangel, Fugitive, GALGOP

More info: https:/​/​forums.​frontier.​co.​uk/​threads/​elite-plus.​70102/​


"Is this a joke?"


People all around the world has requested to stay at home and avoid non-essential contacts with other people. Consequently they have more time in their individual "Lave"... I assume that future "Elite" can read and play in the proper context.

Current, unoptimized world record: 2h 36mins 30secs.


"Harmless Rodents" are making incursion everywhere. This isn't one of those threads. Thank you.


I meant the fact that this looks like a big advertisement when this is a section about introducing Yourself

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Ah I see @xDrHellxxDrHellx. I've been very passive member of this site, not knowing culture or 'etiquette' of the site very well.

That of course doesn't mean I wouldn't know the game I represent here. Apologies.

It isn't that easy thing to cut time to become "Elite" in this game, the version of classic elite you can even actually set such thing reasonably as speedrun -achievement. Easy game and the easiest version of the game, but when it comes to records, nothing is easy anymore.

I've played this game since mid '90s, counted in real time 24/7 about a total 5-6 months. Apologies for my introduction as a gamer, and Speedrun community member. Stay healthy!


@Moderation: If this isn't proper forum section for this type thread, I respectably ask the site's moderation to move this thread to adequate section of the site.

My point was to open the thread to discuss about the game Elite Plus (PC/DOS), not primarily make an introduction about myself, though in this game's context they are hardly separable (The Best confirmed Top Elite of the game). There haven't been too much active people playing and talking about the game anyway, me -de facto- being and trying to act as an active kind of focal point for these discussions (at https:/​/​forums.​frontier.​co.​uk/​forums/​frontier-games/​).​

Nobody even apparently asked anywhere the question how fast you can become 'Elite' in Elite Plus before I did, and tested and proved the concept of it in practice. It is legit record category, and as such not the easiest to achieve. It is also the category that won't likely be ever one of those which is most contested, due nature of the game and the fact that rare are those that really want to show what it requires to be "ELITE" in this game.

No ill feelings from possible replacements/removals. Just asking for few 'Jamesons' to check the game themselves and come to conclusions from perspective of a practical, personal experience. Not gonna spam forums on unrelated, irrelevant matters. Thx. 🙂