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Hi guys! Not exactly new, but I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself.
I'm Haalyle and yeah, that's about all ya gotta know.
Now, I'm no pro at speedrunning and will only do games I really love and know, but I really am trying to get my skills up well for Shrek 2 on console and Harry Potter 3 on console (as well as probably some other games I'll find when cleaning my room).
It's nice to meet you all in this great community! Hope to have some great conversations!

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Ooooooh, a movie gamer ay? That's awesome. I look forward to seeing your first run and I hope you meet some awesome people in this community as well (there's a lot of awesome people in this community, so that shouldn't be hard)

Welcome and enjoy your stay!

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Yeah, a lot of games I used to play some time ago were movie games and I really did enjoy these ones to be honest, they aren't that bad. A little short, but they're pretty good.