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So ive always wanted to start speed running but its just so overwhelming to start. I know everyone says "speedrun a game you like" but i like sports games and stuff lmao, i want to have a good experience my first time trying but just need help deciding, i like games like resident evil 5, amplitude, ufc, but i kinda want to start off easy, i mostly want a shorter game like 30mins or something. Any tips or suggestions on games would be greatly appreciated, have a great day.


Hello! For starters, i highly recommend checking out the game list (that you can speedrun) in src (you can find this by clicking the "Games" menu on the top of the page or by clicking this link: ).

As for your time suggestion, there's a lot of games that falls into this time space (Minecraft, Roblox, most RPGMaker games, webgames, etc.), thus i can't say much from my suggestion above lol.

Hope you can find the game that you'll enjoy to speedrun! 🙂


thanks man, ive been trying for just a level speedrun in undertale