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HI everyone! So I've just set up my account here, and I'm looking forward to getting to know many of you in the community.
I'm a man who loves retro gaming and the 1980's. Like I'm sure many of you can relate, I have a lot of nostalgia for my childhood and I sincerely miss the feeling of hanging out with my friends and grinding out some old NES games. I had no idea there was a community of speed runners and older school games until just the other night I happened to stumble upon a streamer, "CLChambers00", working on Castelvania III. He mentioned this site to me, and I'm honestly giddy as a school girl at the idea of meeting and competing with other game lovers.

Castlevania is one of my all time favorite games. I even have the cover art of part one as a half-sleeve tattoo on my right arm. I have so many fond memories of that game, and many other NES games that my mom and I played together while I grew up.

I will turn 37 next week, and as of my life today I'm a husband, father, and daytime IT Specialist. However I will be a gamer until the day I die, and I try to fit as much of it in as I can.
I play A LOT of World of Warcraft. However retro is in my blood and I look forward to sharing that with other like-minded people.

I'm not sure what game I will start with for my runs...thinking Castlevania one, but we'll see. That game is still the only one that haunts me as I've never beaten ol'Drac without a game genie LOL.

If you guys would like to get to know me more, you can check out my YouTube channel. I do have some vids up there, though I'm new and nervous, and I plan to start on Twitch here in the next couple weeks. 🙂

Thanks all, and again HELLO!

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You sound like me! I love WoW (been playing since 2006) and retro gaming. NES is my all-time favorite, and I just joined this site today. I'm planning to run Super C as my first speedrun game. Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the community (both of you)! I played a lot of WoW on and off since 2004, but amazingly enough have never played a character past level 50ish! I just love looking at the beautiful fantasy graphics. As for retro games, hand over fist better than modern games IMO. Super Nintendo and Game Boy are best!

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing your scores soon. Good Luck!

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I'm a student myself right now, and I'm going through the education system right now. I already know that you can read a lot of essays on various topics here without much trouble. You can find any material here and then use it for yourself. That's why I highly recommend you to get acquainted and now you won't have any problems for any student.


how did you find this?

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@Act_Act_ probably dug it up with a shovel I guess? 😅