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I'm just recently starting to speed run Grow Home. This is my first game I've ever speed run and I just want to know if anyone is interested in trying this game out with me.

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Describing the game and explaining what platforms it can be played on might help to garner some interest 😃


If these are the same GROW games as I'm thinking of, there is... Absolutely no speed value to them. You're basically timing how quickly you can perform a handful of singular inputs, with a cutscene in between each one.


Grow Home: available on Steam and PS4 (I think on ubisoft's steam clone as well)
small 3d platformer where the goal is to grow a giant plant by controlling it's thicc tentacles to thrust themselves into juicy rocks.
in the end it'll bloom & your job is to get the resulting fruit to your spaceship which coincidentally dropped you at the start of the game.

secondary objectives are, but not exclusively: gathering all crystals, which are spread over the game's world.

it's a small game, any% is currently somewhat 15minutes.


Different game then, I was thinking of the series of Flash games where you just level up the different components of whatever world you're growing.