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I have footage of me achieving 4:15 in Connection 1-50, but no timer. Are there any good ones to use?


There is a severe lack of context here. First of all you don't need a timer on screen in a submission. Almost everyone uses Livesplit.


And I know that I don't need a timer, but I want to be as accurate as possible.


A timer doesn’t make it accurate at all. A timer is controlled by you, therefore it’s only as accurate as your reflexes to split (so not that accurate).

The best way to get an accurate time is to frame count the run. Find the first frame of the run and the last frame. Then subtract the two to get the length of your run in frames. After that, divide it by the FPS of the capture/video to get the length of your run in seconds. From there it’s trivial to turn seconds into minutes, hours, etc.

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The timer is really just for you. It helps you see how you're doing. Nothing more.


Just as Timmiluvs said, that is the only way to get the exact time. Here's a handy formula to use if you would like and how to find the first frame 🙂
(S-E)/ fps = run in seconds
[(S-E)/ fps]/60 = run in minutes
{[(S-E)/ fps]/60}/60 = run in hours
When speed running I personally make a TAS movie for frame counting but that is up to you, it is the most accurate way to count them but the way most people do it is this;
Use a video editing program to find the second the first frame of the run was displayed and do the same for the end. Then use the formulas above for the appropriate time.

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I really, in none of my published runs have I used the timer ?. But many players use it to measure their runs with past runs. so sometimes it is not necessary but if you like you can use the livesplit that in my opinion is the best for pc. But some games have an auto-spliter but I do not know how to use them. ??