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You clicked, therefore you either wanna say "Heck yeah!"
you wanna start drama.

Either way, thanks for dropping by.

Name is Randy, I been watchin' N64 speedruns for many years now, and finally decided to give it a half-arsed attempt since I found out mine is working again! Original controller still loose as a goose too! I'm really here for Mario 64, but I'll look into more games as time goes!

Ya'll have any favorite games from the N64 you like to watch or actively play?

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Hey welcome to the site! I'm more of an arcade/mame super player myself but I do play N64 from time to time not many games on there I play but I do like Goldeneye. Pretty much most of the games on arcade/mame snes, neo geo, nes and other consoles as well. It's nice to meet you randy.

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Big N64 and GBA fan. I've been running alot of Yoshi's Story lately.
Welcome to speedrunning!

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Both Goldeneye and Yoshi's Story are great! Definately some of the best titles on the system!

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I might just give away my Nintendo consoles if I don't get em up and running again they all work just need the annoying separate parts and cords

Should've joined this site a decade ago at 24 I had more time

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