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I signed up for yesterday and I don't know how to submit a run and how to record it. I use an Android app for splits and I might use a Chromebook to record it. I use an NES Classic. Do you recommend that I buy extra equipment?


Please don’t post the same thing in multiple places, you already posted this here https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Speedrunning/​thread/​ya2sn

But in order to record anything from the NES Classic, you need an HDMI Capture Card (and hope that it has drivers for a Chromebook if those things can even support capture devices). That last part is a big question mark for me as I’m not sure what a Chromebook can do - but it’ll need Capture Card drivers for whatever brand you buy and software like OBS to actually record the run.

If a Chromebook can’t run either of those, then you either need to purchase a different PC/laptop or you’ll need to record from your phone’s camera or some other form of webcam pointed at your TV.