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Hi, my real name is Lauren but I go by Emmie online. I became interested in watching videos on people speed-running on YouTube by Summoning Salt.

While I won't speed-run every game, I do want to speed-run Sonic Heroes since it was the 1st video game I ever played and it's near and dear to my heart, for the PS2 since I played it on that.

I hope that this site will welcome me even though I'll do speed-running on 1 game only.


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You are welcome regardless, no runs required. Most folks tend to specialize anyways, so focusing on one game isn't abnormal!

Good luck on your runs!


cheese05 and abney317 have been doing one game for 3 years

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im new to the scene as well just had to say hay to a fellow Ohioan and i hope you have fun speedrunning and dont be afraid to try speeding any game you think might be fun i dont like to play most mobile games but one of my fav games to run is a mobile game. you never know what might become fun to speed.


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Hi I’m new and I have a world record I beat it 5 times in two days I hope I will do good at Wii party and Wii party U speed runs!

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