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Lost Gray is a platform and puzzle game. In it, you control a gray alien that needs to overcome several challenges to advance in the game. For that, you need to use your intelligence and agility to overcome obstacles.

At the beginning of the game, you are introduced to your character and the environment you are in. Soon after, you are guided to solve a first challenge.

The gameplay is very simple. You can move the alien using the WASD keys and using the mouse. In addition, you can also use other features.

To win the challenges, you need to collect all the gems that are scattered around the scenario. When you take the last sphere, and take your spaceship you win.

Lost Gray is an addictive game that will test all your skills. Overcome the challenges and be the best player!

The game has 40 levels, use your skills and intelligence to get through.
The game is very simple, you control an ET and your objective is to find 9 gems, each gem you get you gain a new power, each stage has an emerald it is also essential in the game to proceed between the stages, that's right you'll have to go back few levels to capture gem.
Chapter 1 Contains 20 scenarios and 9 gems.
Chapter 2
Contains 20 scenarios, 9 gems and 3 fairies.

hard core

F1 -Configuration
F5 -restart the game
Esc -Resolution
Back -Back enter the menus
W,A,S,D - Handling
Mouse -Sight movement
Right or left mouse -Conjurations
E -save the game (needs 5 coins)
R -load
H - helps the player when he has 1 life (activate in option)
T -turn 1 phase(needs emerald)
Numbers 1 to 9 - choose powers (needs gem)
S - To transform or untransform (note: you need fairies and the specific location, example: fire fairy, you need fire to transform)
Space - activates the Grass Blessing (must be in plant mode)


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Maybe people might consider this if there were actually some runs on the leaderboard so we can look at the game
Also @MrExploudMrExploud has put Steam keys in this post if anyone wants it😳

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@YUMmy_Bacon5YUMmy_Bacon5 oooh, some steam keys! 🤩🔑

Wait... I think I won't claim that as it will probably just gather dust in my library, let's wait for someone really interested to get that. 👍