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Hya everyone,

I'm LineartLemur and well, I have wanting to get into speedrunning lately but I didn't really find a good speedrun timer for Mac, that's why i'm making my own! I have 1.5 years of game development experience so making a timer shouldn't be THAT hard, right?

I'll post updates on my project every now and then here but mostly on my Twitter: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​LineartLemur
So yeah, if you are a Mac or Linux user wanting to use a good timer, stay up to date with me 😃 If you are a Windows user wanting a good alternative to LiveSplit, i'm making one for you!

So yeah, if you have any suggestions you always wanted in your speedrun timer or any questions hit me up! If you are down for this project it would also be motivating for you to post something saying this is a good idea or something like that!

So this is where my journey with AceSplit begins, let's see where it takes us 😃

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Im not trying to discourage you from anything (this is more like a “backup”), but Livesplit One is a fully functioning version of Livesplit that runs in a browser so it’s cross platform. And Livesplit itself can be run through Wine as well. Just keep that in mind if you find yourself stuck with your project but would still like to use a timer like Livesplit.

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Yeah, I know Livesplit One is solid but I just don't like the idea of using a browser, and ooh didn't think about running Livesplit trough Wine, let me try that too! 😃

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Yo, that sounds really cool!
I'm using linux and there is only Llanfair which is a decent timer. I dislike using Livesplit One because it runs in the browser. Additional alternatives are most welcome!
Anyways, I hope you are successful with building your own timer! If you need someone to test it, contact me.

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Glad to see you like the idea 😃
I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I need someone to test!

Any features or things you would like to see in your perfect timer?
Anything you find frustrating with the timer you are using right now?
If so, i'll be sure to keep those things in mind developing the timer 😃


Out of the blue I only can think of 1 issue with Llanfair and that is that when I move the window around with my mouse the window jumps around on the desktop. I can manage now, but it is pretty weird to say the least and it is difficult to place the window in your 'optimal' place on the desktop.
As for other things: I don't know yet, I guess with Llanfair the customization of the look of the panel could be better, but I don't know.

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Alright, thank you for the feedback! I'll make sure the windows will be easy to move around and the look of the panels as slick and cool as they can be 😃

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Yo LineartLemur, if you're doing that timer I have a new idea for a feature:

In some games it can happen that you start with your mind set on "I'm aiming for an any%-run".
But while you're running RNG is not with you for that kind of run, but you realize "hey, I'm getting all the RNG for a xyz-run".
So you decide to switch the category of the run during the run, but the timer-profile you're using is still set on any%-run...
It would be cool if you could switch to another timer-profile while the time is still running.

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Oh yeah, that would be cool to add! And no, I haven't continued working on it due to another project taking priority but I'm planning on finishing/dropping that project early (cuz it's way too big) so maybe then I will give it another try! (sorry for the long wait, I don't really look at this site often :\)