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Hi everyone, I recently came across this community after my friend told me about AGDQ. I want to start speed running but I do not know which game to start with, any recommendations for a beginner?


i started with Castlevania (nes), after watching Funkdoc's runs on youtube over a long period of time. picked up a lot of ways to play and having a ball with it. im old school though


would you say it is good for a beginner?


i would, yeh. it's what i started with. i'm not focused on world records, i know i cant do that lol but Castlevania is fun game to play. like i said i watched funkdocs runs on youtube before i even considered speedrunning. but i love the game and wanted to give it a go and was alot of fun learning the strats. and i believe it's a good game to figure out what speedrunning is all about. play it for a while casually and see if you want to progress into speedrunning


it's a game that can be done in 11-12 minutes, i currently am trying to get under 15mins. it's not easy but a lot of fun. speedrun a short game first


okay thanks for the advice I will check it out


cool! which ever game you want to speedrun, make sure you play it casually for a while first before you head into speedrunning it. have fun my man, let me know how you are going no matter which game you choose. 🙂


if there's a game you really enjoy and know a lot about, try speedrunning that one 🙂


Welcome to we don't bite (or do we) hehe

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pick whatever you want
there's no "easy" games, but theres some games with higher skill ceiling, depending on the category you would run.
most of the people just pick the game they know well and just grind it.


thanks for all the replies 🙂 Great advice it really helps. I tink I am going to try to run Doom, I really love the game and I've completed it many times.


The best game to start with is one you really enjoy and already have a fair share of experience with. Doom is a good example. I kind of want to get into speedrunning that game myself.

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Hello! 😃 Great to have you here! I'd suggest point and click genre of games they are very simplistic. Because you point and then click... Are we understanding the concept? 😛 Anyways! I'd suggest those games. I find them easiest to learn. If your looking for something with a little more research but still simple I'd suggest Mario Kart 64 no skips category. Hope to get to know you and see you around! 🙂

Example of a point and click game

Mario kart 64