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So I’m new to this whole Speedrunning thing, and have finally settled on a game and console, GameCube, on MKDD, so YAY. Also,
I have an small question about the GameCube
So I just received an GameCube Platinum from an friend with a couple games, but I realized that the back had only one port, like the regular GameCube. Am I just dumb and after the First Batch of Platinum Gamecubes, they made updated ones? Can anyone just answer why this is?


I'm not sure, ask on the MKDD discord maybe


They’re asking a question about the GameCube, not about MKDD.

Anyway, any GameCube manufactured before 2004 (I think, if memory serves) will be the models with the normal analog out port as well as a second serial port and the digital out port on the back. The model is DOL-001.

Any GameCubes manufactured after that date will only have the one port and are model number DOL-101. I think the Platinum came out in like 2002-2003 so it’s possible that early models had the multiple output ports whereas later models, as long as they weren’t discontinued, had just the one port.

In reality, having the digital out really isn’t usefully for anything nowadays unless you managed to snag the GC Component cables before they became like $500 a set for first party ones. Along those same lines, most GC games are run off of a Wii that is backwards compatible, just because you can use the Wii Component cables to boost quality and Wiis are more “all purpose” so to speak because of the ability to do the VC.

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