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Hey i'm a returning Speedrunner with no official runs. Been having a break for 7-8 years and now i'm trying to make a comeback. My major issue is that i'm a pretty slow runner.

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find a very long game to run that no one ever beat before xd


everything takes practice, if you have the motivation and time you want to put into a game, then i say go for it!

welcome back to the community as well, some things have changed within the past few years, and the new features might be welcoming. c:

my suggestion about running or finding a game is picking up a game that is rememberable and a game youre comfortable playing for several hours on end.

this includes the game being able to be streamed/recorded easily and a comfortable controller to use. it can be quite difficult playing a game you like, but the controller is not comfortable or vice versa.

- senko


he sounds like a ringer lol watch out for this guy haha