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i requested a game along with a run and the game got rejected saying "please resubmit a full game run" i gave them raw footage of the game run and it want edited at all, the run is here: , it may look like there was a cut but that was part of the game.


Because the run is quite short and you're running a tutorial, it's very easy to assume it's the tutorial to some much longer game. Unless you're already familiar with the tutorial, it's also quite hard to tell from the video which parts happen automatically and which parts are actual gameplay you can influence, which is particularly problematic due to the short length of the run. This makes a detailed explanation even more important than it would be for a conventional game.

Explain to the mods that it's just a tutorial and there is no longer game behind it; then explain why the tutorial still counts as a video game in its own right, what you are doing to make it go faster, how much skill the run takes, and how it might be further optimized. Link to other speedruns to show that you're not the only one running it. None of that will guarantee acceptance, but if it's still rejected it will be rejected by mods who understand what they're rejecting.

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