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So. I can't generally afford sittings of more than 2 hours, don't like repetition practice for specific technical tricks, even less like pedantic route memorization, and don't have a tremendous amount of competitive drive. So that narrows my speedrunning options a bit. That said,
- Invenerable introduced me to an obscure JP first-to-win mechanic puzzler (as opposed to the more typical last-to-lose mechanics) called Sailor Moon S: Kurukkurin, henceforth Sailor Moon's Color Clean, which I was prescient enough to pick up a copy of while in Japan this fall, and am currently gunning for at least sub-30 in
- I've had both PS1 and GBC versions of the classic mystery dungeon Azure Dreams since I was a kid and have been keeping some casual tabs on that Discord thinking of maybe diving in at some point if I run out of other side projects
- Seeing Yogi run the Final Fantasy III stat-glitch/no-fake-jobs route in solidly sub-2h has made me contemplate giving that a go just to learn it, since I do like OP RedMages and noodling down into funky memory/programming artifacts (and also grabbed a hardcopy while in Japan)

I also just ran 8-Bit Hero Trainer in Speedruns Ragnarok a few weeks back, but since I wrote the game and have yet to properly sell enough copies to merit listing it anywhere, that kind of doesn't count even in my book. (but if you have a NES, a PowerGlove and a PowerPad and want to give it a go, by all means hit me up for strats/tech/growth-routing! I've even proposed my own bounty on a TAS just to see the state of PowerGlove emulation sufficiently advanced for historical preservation purposes)

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