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Well, what is your own personal history with speedrunning? You've made a lot of posts on this fairly regularly in the past week or two, and yet we have no real idea of your background in the activity.

Speedrunning becoming an eSport wouldn't change anything about the activity itself. As said prior by Komrade, speedrunning is different to other eSports in the sense that you are not able to actually compete directly in speedrunning, as your gameplay is totally independant from every other player and your performance does not affect the other players, either. There can really be no player-vs-player aspect in speedrunning due to this, and essentially it'd be no different than me taking two PB / WR attempt streams, putting them next to each other and pretending they're racing. SRL has already handled this for years. Nothing eSports could do would really evolve racing past what it already is on SRL.

eSports attaching itself to speedrunning is really for nothing more than money, and notoriety. They noticed speedrunning is taking off, and attach themselves to it to benefit themselves. Which is great for the players themselves if they benefit from it, get sponsorships and manage to make a living off of it. But those people will be few and far between, and are likely already people making a fairly large income from streaming as it is, as far as streaming goes, because these "eSports" companies also love to attach themselves to already fairly established individuals.

Apart from that, as this creeps in it is only going to likely cause detrimental stuff. Hiding strats and bringing a focused monetary entity into the activity. Money sours everything.

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It possible but imagine it like this... when it become esport the players will be consider a professional as a new job it will be bigger than just hobby that u need to manage a lot in life as a pro.


Y’all acting like a speedrun can be done consistently without any problems every time. Speedrunning isnt some miracle thing where every try your time gets better. Sometimes games run into a stale area where no new tricks are found for a very long time, or a new trick that relies heavily on luck is found, how do you plan to deal with these issues?

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I think this is a great idea and I would like to see competitive speedrunning BLOSSOM! Keep up the good work!


Okay then. Do that and hope it goes well I guess.


RetroEsports, do you have a discord that I can contact you on. I'd like to ask a few questions.