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so can i please have some tips on speedrunning and skips and useful glitches
i was inspired by smallant1 thank you!


You should post this on the game you want to run forums, glitches and skips are specific to the game

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@TmobTmob what do you mean glitches are specific to a game? i use BLJs in my ocarina of time runs


Welcome to the forums. I'd recommend watching pro runs off youtube/twitch to discover speedrunning strats/glitches for the games that you want to run. Also, like another user already said, its important to check out the game forum for the games you want to know more about. Plenty of them also might have guides which could go into great detail about how to perform various glitches.


@SioNSioN pretty sure Tmob meant that each game has its unique set of skips and glitches.

If you know and use glitches in one game, good chance that none of them will be useful in another, non-related game.


You should watch GDQ runs because they explain everything that is happening as they do it.