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Hello my name is dingykix I'm new to speed running in general. If anyone has any suggestions about newb friendly games and categories I will be happen to listen to your input. I usually stream on twitch daily and i hve a discord so if you want to get in touch you can reach me on those platforms.
Just ask for a link. I thinking about running 16* sm64 any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks, guys


Check out this thread for ideas:


well, when it comes to speedruns, easy is very subjective. Some runs are generally easy while some might be seen as easy to some but difficult others. All around, i would try and narrow down a genre you would like to play in, for example you said SM64 so maybe the platformer genre would be what you're looking for. Then, look for platformers or categories that are easy to learn. I will warn you that shorter runs typically do mean they're more difficult, while there are outliers in this regard, it's a general rule of thumb i've seen with games. Longer games tend to be easier and more forgiving due to length, while shorter games you have to cut edges and be alot more strict with. Every genre has it's set of ups and downs too, that's stuff you'll have to learn as you go and figure out if that stuff you wanna deal with. Person i'm more of an RPG runner, i like long runs and the execution of RPG speedruns, though it comes with the downside of RNG and length. All around, you just have to figure out what you want, and once you do, you'll find your home in the speedrunning community.


The best games to speedrun are games you enjoy