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I have created this account for myself and a friend. The reason is simple: we love some video games but we both suffer from neurological problems that makes it impossible to operate controllers in a coordinated manner.

So what better way to enjoy video games that watch them played by the best of the best players in the world. Many many thanks to this forum and all the runners out there!!

And an extra hello to @halfcoordinatedhalfcoordinated!

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So, this account is going to be used by you and your friend? Why does your friend not make his own account?

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@DaravaeDaravae She needs assistance. If this is a problem please feel free to delete this account.

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Yeah ... I mean nothing wrong with multiple people playing under one tag name... I mean right cough 😥


To attempt to explain. Speed running is all about pushing one's personal limits. Going beyond boundaries. Exceeding, excelling. It is also all about reflexes, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills refined and applied.
With most people I guess, we build walls around our minds. Comfort zones. When a person is handicapped, these walls, these comfort zones can become traps, prisons in their minds. Speed runs so clearly and wonderfully demonstrate breaking down the mental barriers and going beyond oneself and limitations. If not in actual practice, then vicariously.

To reiterate, neither my friend nor I pose any harm, incidental or intentional, towards the speed running community. Unless of course you open up a new venue; the painfully slow, awkward and inept category that would try the patience of a large group of monks to watch. Our presence here is to enjoy and possibly express appreciation and maybe even encouragement. Nothing more.

PS Speedrunners rate their play with a timer in milliseconds. I rate my play in deaths/reloads per hour.
When I played Skyrim it took me 3 weeks to get out of Helgen. When I played Fallout 4 it took me a little over a year to discover Quincy. I'm reasonably certain I have died and had to reload Fallout 4 more than anyone else on earth - just doing construction in settlements! HEY! I like tall buildings! It's not my fault I always mix up the ASD keys!