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Hi there!

My name is KateLibC although you can call me "Kate" but I go by "Cari" or "Cariad" everywhere too. During the day, I work in cyber security but I have a love for foxes and video games, with my favourite being Chrono Trigger.

While I have friends in speed running and have watched GDQ for years, I've never really found a game to run until I started to do a game quest.

I'm hoping to get some good runs in on Legend of Illussion Starring Mickey Mouse for the SMS/GG and maybe if that goes well pick up Castle of Illusion as well.

Anyway I am excited to see what comes my way!

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Welcome! Foxes are very cute. 🦊 If you have any questions or just want to talk feel free to message me. 🐈 Good luck on your speedruns! 🧡

Edit: I just watched your latest Legend of Illusion run. Congrats on getting that PB! 🥳