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I uploaded around 2 runs here, but I never really took the time to introduce myself, so I guess I'll do that!

I mainly speedrun Nintendogs + Cats (Golden Retriever & New Friends specifically) after looking up "Nintendogs speedrun" on a whim in a VC with a friend on a late night. I had been thinking about doing speedruns for a while, but it didn't click until I did those Nintendogs speedrun.

I plan on trying out various dog games/pet games speedruns (original Nintendogs, Dogz on GBA, etc...) and optimizing my Nintendogs + Cats run! There's a lot of improvement to be had!

Besides that, I like my cats, drawing, and I study in web development specializing in programming. And my favorite dog breed is the dalmatian 😛

Very nice to meet you all!

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Welcome to the site!

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interesting choice. I like that game

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