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Hi everyone! Been on a binge watching the recent GDQ's (SGDQ 2016, AGDQ 2017, still need to watch SGDQ 2017) and it made me want to give speedrunning a shot.

One problem... I actually suck a video games.
My reflexes are horrible, and I only started playing games in college really... which I'm about to graduate in May.

But I figured there must be some kinds of games i'm good at, right? So i'm going to give my shot to a few time management games that aren't on the site yet and see if i can get a run posted!

Wish me luck!


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Hey Jane, welcome o/

There's definitely a good enough variety of games where even if you don't find you're good at one, there's plenty of others to choose from. I would even say that as long as you're having fun with it, you don't have to necessarily be the best or even great at it. Different runners tend to have different goals, so just keep that in mind and enjoy yourself c: Best of luck with your runs!


Thanks!! The first game I've been trying I think is a bit too long for me to be able to focus on. (2-3hours for me to do a full run) but it'd be so cool to do IL's for it, however I feel like an IL wouldn't be enough for a game request.

The idea of having to do a multi-hour game in one sitting is daunting! haha! Wish i could just pause for breaks and then splice but i know that's not in the spirit of speedrunning.


You can do segmented runs, where you attempt each segment until you get it optimally, and stitch them together to form one run, though of course those aren't compared to single-segment runs. It can be good if you have interest in a longer game, but like me, don't really have the ability to sit and focus on one run for really really long periods.

Feel free to shoot me any questions you have when you start getting into this (oh god I didn't mean that pun I apologize so much). The forums kinda make it tough since there's no notifications but I have Discord and all those things, and there's the general or speedrunning discords for asking stuff as well. The community is actually fairly friendly and helpful with those sorts of things!


oh thank you! Maybe I'll actually be able to put something together over the course of a few days if i do that!


Welcome to the community, Jane!! It's great to see that you're wanting to give speedrunning a shot! I wish you all the best luck in your runs! 🙂