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Hello I'm Uncle_Hambone. I'm pretty new to speedrunning having only been doing it for about the last two months. I've been a long time watcher of speedruns and speedrun marathons, but I never thought I'd be able to do it myself. I got into doing speedruns a couple moths ago when I finally got a capture card and subsequently started streaming on Twitch. I don't have any lofty goals in mind, like I'm not after any smb64 wr or anything like that. I'm perfectly content running smaller and lesser known games.

I've had a pretty productive first few months. I'm proud to say that I have made the leaderboards on a few games. My plan is to keep going and seeing how far I can push myself. Thanks for being such a welcoming community full of wonderful people. The interactions I've had so far with other runners have been nothing but pleasant. Thanks again for welcoming me to the community, and I look forward for what the future holds. Feel free to stop by my stream or send me a message saying "what's up". Good luck and happy running!

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