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So, here's the deal: I've been following speedrunning for a while and have always wanted to get into it. I guess that's what brings everyone here... But, like a lot of people, I felt like I'd missed out on starting when this was still new. I'm not gonna have a chance at some of these games.

And then, while browsing the site, I noticed something. One of my favorite games of all time has no recorded runs (there are a handful of individual levels, but no full game times). That game is Midtown Madness 3.

In my excitement, I spent an entire day driving to various used game stores until I found a copy, having sold or lost my original years ago. And that's when I found out that Microsoft has never made it backwards compatible. So now, I'm on a quest to find an original Xbox so I can stream a few playthroughs and then, hopefully, my first ever speedrun. I'll update my profile later, after I've had time to figure everything out. In the meantime, if anyone wants to give some encouragement or discuss that game, I'd love to hear it!

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awesome good luck with that and welcome to the site 😃

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Hey, I thought I'd reintroduce myself because I sort of gave up on MM3 after realizing I just don't have the patience or the bladder for a multi-hour run. So, I'm gonna start small. I feel kind of guilty for it, but tomorrow I'm going to steal the only record time of a specific track in an 18-year-old racing game, which was, coincidentally, set just three weeks ago. That would be Boot Camp in MX Superfly. I don't know why Jaypin88 and I both independently sought out this record this month, but I do know that a 4:02 is in the range of a casual playthrough. I can bring it to 3:5X easily if I don't completely choke. I'd venture to guess that a perfect race with flawless clutch boosting and 100% clean landings could be in the high 3:40 range. Here's to seeing which one of us can get there first.


Hello! Great name. I was considering running MM3 for a while too, but the game turned out to be too long and too hard for me.

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