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Hi I am kingsophie and I have just started speedrunning wario land 2 for the gameboy, I am hoping to start practing other games too. I haven't streamed or put out a video yet as I do not have the eqiupment yet or the funds for the equipment, so for now I just practice offline 😃

I got into speedrunning as I love watching people speedrun games, the first game i saw speedrun was jak and daxter for ps2 and it looked really cool! I am really looking forward to trying different games to speedrun.

I would love to talk to new speedrunners too so if you are speedrunning just say hey and we can chat. 😃


I love that game. I used to play it a lot many years ago when emulation first came about.

I only started speedrunning recently myself after watching the recent AGDQ event on Youtube.

I mainly run Resident Evil HD but I'm strongly thinking about doing some Sega games too. Of course I'll need a lot of practise and hard work if I have any hope of beating some of the great runners on this site.


I wish you good luck with your speedrunning! what sega games were you thinking about doing? I love sega games, they are so much fun!


Castle of Illusion. I consider myself pretty damn good at that game.

Ristar. I'm not nearly as good at this one but with practise I could speed run it. There's a memory mini game that might get in the way though.

Streets of Rage. I'm not as good as I used to be where I'd beat Mania difficulty and barely ever die but I could be again with practise.

What games are you thinking of running?


I played castle of illusion when I was a kid on the gamegear, which version do you play?

The games I am thinking of speedrunning are mostly wario games but I do want to try mario party minigame island, bioshock for xbox/pc, sonic adventure 2 for pc and klonoa for the ps1.

I just started speedrunning wario land 2 yesterday so it will probably be a while before I try other games.


I play the Mega Drive version. It's still one of my favourite games of all time.

I'm in the same boat. I only bought Resident Evil HD a few days ago and yesterday was my first official speedrun. I'm pretty much just copying what other people do in their runs but not as good 😛


I lost my copy haven't played it since, I should play it.

Do you stream on twitch? I have to check it out if so 😃


I only have one video on Twitch so far since I'm new to live streaming. For some reason it got split into three parts. My connection must have died or something during the stream.

Most of my videos are on my Youtube channel but they aren't speedruns. Except for the Resident Evil HD one of course. Been running Breath of Fire for Super Nintendo. Damn long game I must say. Can't wait to actually beat it so I can move on.


I don't really play RPG games is it a good one? I think ive only played final fantasy and golden sun.

I'm gonna follow ya, so I know when your gonna be online, I have high expectations for you haha

also you are up pretty late aren't you? well pretty early.


It is pretty average to be honest. The soundtrack and the fact that you can transform add something extra to it but other than that it's pretty generic. The third game in the series on PS1 is much better. If you ever want to try an RPG then I really recommend the Lunar series. They were released on the Saturn and PS1 but I think there are remakes on PSP. Amazing games.

Thanks. More follows and subscribers are always welcome. I shall do the same for your twitch the next time I log on.

I am because I have a strange obsession with cheesy 80s music and can't pull myself away.

Anyway so are you.

And I had better head off to recharge. I'll be sure to speak again later.


I shall check it out, I do love playing psp games, ive been meaning to get into rpgs.

I am only up cause ive got a week off and I was watching a speedrun...

Yes I will also speak to you again later.

bye for now.


What's up gurl?

I'm probably going to stream in about thirty minutes. Resident Evil HD most likely. See if I can beat the world record... HA.


heyy, i didn't sleep, so i fell asleep at about 1:00pm and ive just woke up. how did the run go?


Bad, very bad. Then I tried again and it went even worse.

I kept forgetting simple things. Cost me about 15 minutes at least. Then in my second attempt I got bit by a poisonous snake which ends runs. I'm gonna try again in a minute. Third time lucky.


good luck! you know what they say practice makes perfect.

I have just been casually playing sonic generations and watching tv.


Can't go wrong with that. I went and got bit by the snake again so I ended up just casually playing Sega games. Now I'm watching the Last Leg on tv and eating pizza.


My sleeping pattern is completely ruined! i sleep during the day and stay up during the night!

I want pizza!


I'm the same. It's ever since I used to play Star Wars Old Republic on the American servers. Now I can't get to sleep until at least 4am.