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Hello there. I'm relatively new to the site, and just submitted my first speed run of Eagle Flight. It's pending approval right now, but it says that it claims I have second place when I actually got first by about two and a half minutes. Is that something that commonly hap[ens when pending approval, or should I try to resubmit? Thank you very much.


All your run information appears to be right, and there's only one area for putting in the run time, assuming times are still saved after a timing selection is removed in edit game (like milliseconds being removed from the board but runs still having those, just hidden), the moderator may have had another time selection on the board and switched it to a singular time selection without removing a previous time on their run lower than 54:10
edit: I just tried a test submission with 1 second and it was still 2nd, so I'm not sure what the problem could even be, but no that's not something that commonly happens


It's possible the moderator accidentally has "Timer Ascending" set for that category, you should ask them about it.

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Okay great I'll try to reach out to him about it. Thank you guys.