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Hi! I'm smasher. But u can call me POIRe! I'm ??yo. I'm from France, and i'm proud of it.
i like Smash Bros. I'm a HUGE fan of smash bros. (My favorite one is Brawl).
Facts about me :
-i main K.Rool
-my favorite color is green
-i don't have Netflix
-i have a Wii, a Gamecube and a Switch.
-I'm not considering doing PC runs cuz... i have a iMac OS X who has 16years.
-even with a 16yo mac, i can play Undertale and Minecraft :))))
-i'm learning German
-KFC and Burger King are the best fast foods for me
-My favorite meme is omae wa mo
-My favorite video games are Super Mario Galaxy 2 and SSBB
-i will go in belgium soon!!!! yyyy so oojhappy
-i'm a weirdo who likes ASMR
i hope i will learn to know you ^•^
Now here are some informations about my "RUNNER CARRIER"

I mostly speedrun Nintendo Games. For now, i've speedruned only smash games but i'm considering try other games. I'm actually training for speedrunning 'M&S at 2012 Olympic Games", SMO, Sonic & the Black Knight and OPUC2. i joined a year and a half ago (i think??) and i only have 12 runs (at the moment i write this). I don't have any setup. I put a tablet on a chair and i start recording. For the moment, it's enough for me but if i want to start recording bigger speedruns (like 100% runs or Zelda runs) i have to find a better setup. I don't think i need a "Levelboard" while speedrunning (you know that thing you put in the side of your recording with levels and timer ^)
The problem is i don't know how to record on a TV and how to put this "Levelboard". I never considered getting informations about it, but time has come ! •^•
If any of you have informations understandable by a useless beginner, i take it with pleasure ^^
Talking about me and what i'm doing those times, i made a game request of One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2. hope it will be accepted! who knows. so if any of you might want to speedrun this game, well speedruncom doesn't have a OPUC2 leaderboard.
Well i talked about who i am, my situation in speedrunning, what games are my speedruns about, now i just finished. Hope i'll learn to know you well !
btw ridley sucks