i found a new double jump glitch in kind kingdom
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i found a new double jump glitch in kind kingdom
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so i noticed that when i do really short hops, i could just jump again in midair. so whenever i jump for what feels like exactly a frame, i can do a full jump again while in midair. with this, you can skip the last section right before the little Q&A review part, just like we do in the first bully level. using this, the best split i ever got for kind kingdom on any% is a 3:20. i feel like this could be improved and perfected to save major time and improve alot of runs.


Thats really cool dude. It can really be helpful for any% runs. Do you mind doing a video showing the glitch? Or uploading a run with it? And yes we could totally perfect it to improve the runs, but im not really focusing on this game right now (Maybe ill come back to it later), so ill leave that to you if you want to. ;)

I learned it myself rember that you can skip a part

Östergötland, Sweden

Is it on mobile? I am on iPad.