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"Insaniacs" is an online speedrun marathon supporting AbleGamers, starting at August 1st 9 AM EST going a full 96 hours ending on August 5th 9 AM EST. Our main goal is "Inclusion" and we strive for a diversity in Games, Interests and Leaderboard Rankings.

The speedrunning community is vast and we want to highlight all we can. Community and commentary will be a focus for this marathon.



AbleGamers is a nonprofit charity using games to benefit children, adults and veterans with disabilities.

"We give people with disabilities custom gaming setups including modified controllers and special assistive technology, like devices that let you play with your eyes, so they can have fun with their friends and family. We’re using the power of video games to bring people together, improving quality of life with recreation and rehabilitation."

Their work has touched many, and you can read all about their work here:



• June 30st Submissions Close
• July 10th Schedule is Released
• August 1st 09:00am EST Marathon Begins
• August 5th 09:00am EST Marathon Ends



• This event may contain swearing but will be kept to an acceptable range. Inappropriate content that jeopardizes the event are prohibited. Keep all submissions PG-13
• Have fun and reach out to this community for support
• You can to submit up to 3 times in total (all run lengths are encouraged but may affect acceptance due to scheduling)
• You can submit more than 3 runs if you would like to be a backup runner. These runners will be requested to run if something happens that prevents a scheduled runner from taking part in the marathon. Being a backup does NOT prevent you from be a normal runner.
• You must join the Discord Server in order to get accepted



Submissions are live, we ask you to include a video and availability in every submission. You are limited to 3 normal submissions.

We are also taking BACKUP submissions where you will be given a time slot and will be on call to run if there are any drops or issues. You can submit multiple backup submissions, just please label them as BACKUP.

Submit runs here:


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