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"Insaniacs" is an online speedrun marathon, starting at January 18th 2019, with the main goal of "Inclusion". We strive for a diversity in Games, Interests and Leaderboard Rankings.

The speedrunning community is vast and we want to highlight all we can. Community and commentary will be a focus for this marathon.


• This event may contain swearing but will be kept to an acceptable range. Inappropriate content that jeopardizes the event are prohibited. Keep all submissions PG-13
• Have fun and reach out to this community for support
• You can to submit up to 3 times in total (all run lengths are encouraged but may affect acceptance due to scheduling)
• You must join the Discord Server in order to get accepted


Submissions are open until January 1st 12 am EST 2019. The schedule will be posted the following week.

All submissions will be handled through Please remember to include videos in your submissions and state other runners if it is a race.

Click Here To Submit:

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