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BenjeeBenjee Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Glitchless 0:47:00 GBC USA Link Wario's got kicked out from Mario's Castle and now he's homeless! What do? Of course, snatch the Statue of Princess Peach that Syrup & her troop stole from Mario! Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 is the first game of the wonderful series which contains 4 parts (sadly not more). This category showcases lots of precise movement, precise coin routing to prevent lots of timeloss, minor exploits and a bit of RNG to thrill with in this run with 32 Levels. 2 Any time.
SudoTrainerSudoTrainer Pokémon Red/Blue 0:37:00 GBP USA Link Reverse Badge Order is a glitched run that shows of the insane glitches in gen 1 pokemon. That along with the fact that you beat the game fighting the gym leaders is the reverse order adds a lot of fun to the run. 3 Any Time
SudoTrainerSudoTrainer The Simpsons: Hit & Run All Story Missions 2:40:00 GCN USA Link This game is fun and offers a lot of cool strats. 5 Any Time
SudoTrainerSudoTrainer Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix HD 3:32:00 PS4 USA Link With KH III coming out in February this game will be really relevant. 3 Any Time
MaxyneCashMaxyneCash Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist No Banlist 2:20:00 PC EUR Link Would be diversity in the event :D Some Yu-Gi-Oh is fun, winning by exploding everyone with our only true god EXODIA!! (I changed the language of the game for english viewers, don't worry about that) 5
CmdrCmdr Wii Sports Resort All Sports 0:20:00 Wii USA Link Wii Sports Resort has gotten a very big following in the speedrunning community, gaining over 150 runners. All Sports being the main run for the game, join the leaderboard moderator as he takes you through 12 great sports, each wither their own strats, main runners, and\theories. Gamingland 0 Either day, 10am-1:30am (CST)
CmdrCmdr Mario Kart Wii 32 Tracks 1:30:00 Wii USA Link Mario Kart Wii has so much in a speedrun to offer, outside of two very good bidwars. Each track has shortcuts to talk about, personal stores behind then, and countless laughs and BLUE SHELLS to enjoy. This can also just be a Nitro/Retro run, both with 45m estimates. 0 Either day, 10am-1:30am CST
CmdrCmdr Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix/Pokemon Yellow Story Mode/Beat Brock 1:05:00 Wii USA Link It's DDR Mario Mix, the best Meme game. But easy is too easy, let's try and beat Brock at the same time! I'm sure Gooby will wanna do Pokemon TCG CountGooby 5 10am-1:30am CST
JasperTheFishJasperTheFish Sonic CD 2011 Sonic: Beat The Game 0:30:00 PC EUR Link anime 0 9am - 9pm AEDT
JasperTheFishJasperTheFish Red Ball 4 Vol.3 Any% Glitchless 0:14:00 Web EUR Link rolling at the speed of smell 0 9am - 9pm AEDT
JasperTheFishJasperTheFish Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Story Mode 1:00:00 GCN USA Link pew pew ima danc e pew pew Gooby, if he wants to 0 9am - 3pm AEDT whatever suits Goober
KraechelKraechel Pokémon Yellow Any% No Save Corruption 0:25:00 GBA EUR Link Wanna take a look into hell? Then watch this run. 0 So far no idea. Have to see how my exam are scheduled.
SoaringSlothSoaringSloth Deltarune Any% 0:31:00 PC USA Link Deltarune Chapter 1 is a fast and compelling game that is all about timing. While there is a large amount of text to skip, the game offers plenty of funny moments and interesting skips for all viewers to enjoy! 2 I will be resuming college on the 7th of January and my schedule for that is not finalized yet. For the time being the weekend might be our safest bet, otherwise i'll update you on said schedule when it is more concise.
MaxyneCashMaxyneCash Saints Row: The Third Any% 4:40:00 PC EUR Link Why not? Playing in co-op is so much fun, And Saints Bug : The Third is funny, IA is so intelligent, the game is stable af LUL 5
KraechelKraechel Pokémon Yellow Any% Glitchless 2:20:00 GBA EUR Link Giant Race, Why not? (Edit: Since i am currently preparing for my exams, I might not be able to participate in the race. Therefore I would rather show off my shorter Yellow NSC run) Several other runners 0 Depends on the other runners
CountGoobyCountGooby Mario Kart DS 32 Tracks 1:10:00 DS USA Link (This is a backup run) Mario Kart DS is an underrated racing game that features lots of tight movement and utilization of snaking. 32 Tracks is a great run that shows all the courses in the game. 0 8am-11pm CST
CountGoobyCountGooby Wild Animal Racing All Cups 0:25:00 PC USA Link Wild Goob gets w i l d in Wild Animal Racing 0 8am-11pm CST
CountGoobyCountGooby Street Fighter Alpha 2 SNES 0:17:00 SNES USA Link (This is a backup run) Fighting games are underrepresented at speedrunning marathons, and Street Figher Alpha 2 is a classic fighter. I hope you like Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku (Spinning Kick) :P 0 8am-11pm CST
HeadbobHeadbob Pokémon Red/Blue Any% Glitchless 2:00:00 GBA USA Link I'm not sure honestly XD but i figured since im kinda known in the red area i would apply and no one seems to have done it yet so i mean why not :P 3 anytime ig
HeadbobHeadbob The Impossible Quiz 2 **IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ 1*** 0:06:00 PC USA Link memey run that will bring a joking tone to the marathon 0 anytime
KuroSRLKuroSRL Undertale All Yellow Credits 2:00:00 PC USA Link Undertale is one of the games that revolutionized the RPG world with its unique way of the combat system in having a nice way to do things. I feel like this should be shown at Insaniacs because of its playstyle that did open the door to the RPG genre as a whole 2 January 18th after 10pm central but before 3am center central January 19th from 12pm-12am
ArayaAraya Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Any% 3:40:00 Switch EUR Link The new Pokemon game has shown big successes in both casual and speedrunning aspects since release. The combination of nostalgia and new mechanics and strategies in this game are amazing. For the aspect of speedrunning, the run shows high variance with all the catches required to complete the game. Because of this variance in the runs, it would be amazing to show a 4-way race on this first edition of the Insaniacs speedrun marathon! SLweed, Retrotato, Gymfreak739 10 Only availability is Saturday 19th for all racers to work. Preferably earl-mid afternoon for Gymfreak, but there is a lot of flexibility for us I think.
vysualsvysuals Hollow Knight True Ending 1:35:00 PC USA Link It's the category of the opening run of AGDQ 2019, and personally I think it's the most exciting and hype category in HK, a game that's very easy to understand for all viewers, whether or not they've played it. It has a lot of cool bosses, intense platforming sections, and lots of quickly reacting to enemy movements/RNG. A really cool category, and I have the WR in it currently. 2 All times in CST: January 18th: any time after 4pm January 19th: any time at all
MisterGigglesMisterGiggles Super Metroid 100% 1:27:00 SNES USA Link Super Metroid is a highly technical game that requires a lot of skill and practice to play at a high level, with a lot of interesting things that can be discussed throughout. I feel like I could go on, but there are few people within the speedrunning community who aren't aware of SM or it's complexity :) 5 The 19th would be ideal, as that is the only day I am guaranteed to be off of work. I am open that entire day, and can adjust sleep schedule as needed. The 18th after 6pm US Central Time is also fine, as I will be home from work.
CalmlamityCalmlamity Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Any% (US) 2:10:00 SNES USA Link It's a wonderfully fun old-school SNES RPG with fantastic music and gameplay. It works very well as either a solo run, and is also a great watch as a 2-4 person race as well. If preferred as a race, I would be happy to try and put out some feelers for a few more runners. The video started out as a first attempt at a marathon-style run, but ended up becoming a 2+ minute (3rd place!) PB at the end. I'd be happy to submit another video with music (not sure how it didn't come through in the video) and more dedicated to commentary throughout if needed. It'll be my first marathon run, I hope you'll accept! TBD, if needed 2 I can't determine at the moment exactly when I'll be available, but I do currently have a primary job that gives me the flexibility to ask off whenever I need. So essentially, whenever you need me, I'm available.
kerbis54kerbis54 Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side 3:30:00 Switch USA Link Darker Side is the best bang for your buck when it comes to super mario odyssey speedrunning. Unlocking the Darker Side of the moon requires collecting 500 moons (more than half of all of the moons available) so you see a large portion of the game without having to do any of the really slow stuff. The result is a very fast paced 3.5 hours showing off almost everything this fantastic speedgame has to offer. 1 Entire event
GamingLandGamingLand Wii Sports Resort All Sports 0:22:00 WiiU USA Link Resort speedrunning has gained quite a bit of following recently. This speedrun shows of 12 of the main sports in the game. This run is full of fast paced, skilled, and fun gameplay! Cmdr 0 I'll be available on weekdays anytime from 3:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST. On weekends I'm available anytime from like 12:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
GamingLandGamingLand Wii Sports All Sports + 0:25:00 WiiU USA Link Wii Sports is the original Wii Sports and Wii Series game. All Sports + is a variation of All Sports, where we have to do a Best of 5 match of Tennis, play all 3 innings in Baseball, play a game of Bowling, play all 9 holes in golf, and play a game of boxing. This category is the most marathon friendly in the game. Cmdr 0 I'll be available on weekdays anytime from 3:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST. On weekends I'm available anytime from like 12:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
GamingLandGamingLand Wii Sports Golf: 9 Holes 0:08:00 WiiU USA Link This speedrun shows off all 9 holes the Golf game in Wii Sports has to offer. This speedrun is extremely fast paced, has cool strats, and is most of all, fun to play and watch! Cmdr 0 I'll be available on weekdays anytime from 3:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST. On weekends I'm available anytime from like 12:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST.
CountGoobyCountGooby Barney's Hide & Seek Game Any% No Controller 0:11:00 Genesis USA Link (This is a backup run submission) As Plato once said, "Man is nothing more than a purple dinosaur in our imagination." Barney's Hide and Seek Game is a true modern day epic about man's search for himself, life's journey, and friendship. We do this by not pushing any buttons and staring at a computer screen for ten minutes. 0 8am-11pm CST
minimini352minimini352 Luigi's Mansion Category Extensions All Gems 1:23:00 Wii JPN Link This category of Luigi's mansion is extremely underappreciated, it shows off a lot about the game without being filled with backtracking or RNG money locations. I am quite experienced with speedrunning the game myself, so I should be able to put on a good run. I feel that No OoB, the main category, is shown off in marathons all the time, and that some of the more nuanced categories like this one should have a chance in the spotlight. 3 I cannot do the run on the Friday however Saturday and Sunday should be fine for me. - 9am - 10pm GMT / 4am - 5pm EST
minimini352minimini352 Luigi's Mansion No OoB 1:00:00 Wii JPN Link Luigi's Mansion is a speedgame which can be easily overlooked, as it is much more about small optimisations rather than game-breaking tricks and skips. The No OoB category consists of simply beating the game as fast as possible without going out of bounds, and contains many small timesavers throughout the run which add up over time. I have also submitted the All Gems category, which, in my opinion, deserves more to appear in the Insaniacs marathon, however this category is safer as I have more experience in it. 4 I cannot do a run on the Friday, Saturday & Sunday: - 9am - 10pm GMT / 4am - 5pm EST
AestheticTerrorAestheticTerror Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Any% (No SSU) 1:00:00 PC JPN Link I have been a Vice City speedrunner since around the August of 2017 and I believe that I possess a lot of knowledge about the game and I feel confident that I would be able to explain every strat in detail on demand. Even though I am not the best runner of this category nor do I put in a lot of time into speedrunning, it is my hobby and I feel passionate about it. Vice City can be a really fun game to watch as there are a lot of interesting strats that a casual player may not be aware of and there is a good share of randomness that arguably makes the game more fun and requires more skill in order to deal with it. 2 I am in the GMT zone, so as long as it's not at night in my time, I should be good to do a run on any of the days
AestheticTerrorAestheticTerror Grand Theft Auto: Vice City All Missions 2:40:00 PC JPN Link I have been a Vice City speedrunner since around the August of 2017 and I believe that I possess a lot of knowledge about the game and I feel confident that I would be able to explain every strat in detail on demand. Even though I am not the best runner of this category nor do I put in a lot of time into speedrunning, it is my hobby and I feel passionate about it. Vice City can be a really fun game to watch as there are a lot of interesting strats that a casual player may not be aware of and there is a good share of randomness that arguably makes the game more fun and requires more skill in order to deal with it. This is my second submission for a different category. Also, sorry for the swearing in the video, especially at the end :) 2 I am in the GMT zone, so as long as it's not at night in my time, I should be good to do a run on any of the days
KingJ0444KingJ0444 Celeste All Chapters 2:35:00 PC USA Link Celeste is one of the most popular speedgames ever as it was built up for speedrunning. All chapters will show all A, B and C sides for each level! 5 Any times/dates
KingJ0444KingJ0444 Wii Sports Resort All Sports 0:22:00 Wii USA Link A 3 way race of this category would be amazing. It's a well known speedgame with cool tricks and strats GamingLand, Cmdr 3 All dates and times
KingJ0444KingJ0444 Splatoon Any% 1:10:00 WiiU USA Link It's a really good speedgame with cool glitches, skips and tricks to see throughout. it's also a popular speedgame 3 All dates and Times
HorhaytheDragonHorhaytheDragon Donkey Kong 64 Any% 0:40:00 N64 USA Link This is a really exciting and fast paced run, and the density of tricks in the first half of the run is absolutely insane. Any% of this game is a super cool showcase of just how broken Donkey Kong 64 is. 10 Can't do 11AM EST and onwards on January 20th. Preferably not 2AM-8AM EST.
Mikeffect422Mikeffect422 Mega Man X Any% 0:38:00 SNES JPN Link I think I have a good ability to run and speak about the game, its mechanics and the tricks that I'm doing. I can give explanations as I'm running as you can see in the video 6 The 18th after 6PM ESTand full availability onward.
EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly Prince of Persia 2008 Epilogue Any% 1:00:00 PS3 USA Link Pretty game, reasonably fast-paced, full of cool glitches. A sure crowd-pleaser. 0 Open availability on Wednesday and Thursday. Anytime in the AM on other days.
KingJ0444KingJ0444 Mario Kart 8 32 Tracks (200CC) (Items) 1:15:00 WiiU USA Link Great speedgame and skips with hilarious RNG. 3 Backup Run
KingJ0444KingJ0444 DK: King of Swing Any% Donkey Kong 0:40:00 WiiUVC USA Link Great speedgame thats very underrated 0 Bonus Run
DeanMachineDeanMachine The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Master Sword 1:57:00 GCN JPN Link this is great game with a really interesting route. it's not too long, but it's just enough to show off the Beginning 3 Saturday would be a good day for me. I just need to request off work 2 weeks before it happens
CountGoobyCountGooby Super Smash Bros. Melee Adventure 0:15:00 Wii USA Link (This is a backup run) Smash Bros. Melee is one of the most popular fighters ever and has a lot of advanced techniques that are great for speedrunning. Adventure mode gives a short showcase of some of these techniques and can show what makes the game different from other fighters. 0 8am-11pm CST
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Target Smash All Characters 0:15:00 Wii USA Link (This is a backup run and the full category name is Target Smash All Characters Level 1) Project M is a rom hack of Smash Bros. Brawl that combines Melee mechanics into the game to make it a unique fighter. This run showcases several of the unique techniques in the game in a short speedrun. 0 8am-11pm CST
EmmojiEmmoji Super Lumi Live Any% 0:45:00 PC Link This game needs more attention. It is a very difficult 2d platformer with bright colors, simple controls, and tons of unique levels. Routing is non-linear so the game has gone through several route variations. I am submitting the newest route - 450 silver/0 gold, which is slightly harder but saves time over the 450 silver/9 gold route I had used before. 3 Late night Friday is my best time (after 10 pm utc-5, to about 5am Saturday)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Splatoon 2 Hero Mode Any% 2:20:00 Switch USA Link Because SudoTrainer whispered me on Twitch asking me to submit this 0 Jan 19: 13-24 hrs (GMT-6) Jan 20: Anytime (question mark)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Snow Brothers All Stages 1 Player 0:24:00 NES USA Link Released in 1990 for arcades & ported to the NES/Famicom in 1991 by Toaplan, this platform arcade game has started to turn into a underrated game which is ironic since it was so popular when it was released. Having a similar game concept as Bubble Bobble, but instead of bubbles we have snow balls, we need to beat 50 stages in order to rescue the twin princesses and get free of the snowman curse 0 Jan 19: 13-24 hrs (GMT-6) Jan 20: Anytime (question mark)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Any% (No Item Glitch) 1:00:00 PS2 USA Link Since NST was released Crash Bandicoot games started to gain more popularity, being Crash 3 one of the most popular NST games, so, why don't showcase the original 1998 game which in 2018 turned 20 years since it first release. No Item Glitch involves the intended Any% route by the developers, gaining all 25 crystals as fast as possible in order to defeat Cortex 5 Jan 19: 13-24 hrs (GMT-6) Jan 20: Anytime (question mark)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Crash Team Racing Any% Warpless 1:10:00 PSTV EUR Link Being the last Crash game developed by Naughty Dog and the first spin off of the series, we need to show who is the best driver in the planet to face off Nitros Oxide who claims himself as the best driver of the galaxy since he's planning to slave the Earth. This game is considered as the best MK64 rival, sometimes being identified as better than that game. And since in 2019 the remastered version is gonna be released, definitely it's a good opportunity to showcase the original game 5 Jan 19: 13-24 hrs (GMT-6) Jan 20: Anytime (question mark)
WarMechWarMech Plants Vs. Zombies Any% 3:40:00 PC USA Link Plants Vs Zombies is one of the most downloaded games of all time and is a household name. The run is dynamic and appealing to speedrunners of all ages and skill levels due to its easy-to-understand premise/flow. The strategy will be explained to the audience in real time. The run is very consistent (does not vary by more than a minute or two out of 3 hours) and the speedrunning scene for the game has exploded in the last year. I held the world record for a year, have reliable internet, and am experienced in races. 0 Jan 19th and 20th; from 6am to 11pm Eastern time each day.
AgustinAgustin Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Dead on Arrival 0:32:00 PC USA Link This game might as well be the most popular Max Payne game in a speedrun sense, not only because of its innovative and smooth movement and combat mechanics which make the game very fast pace and allow runners to quickly learn the speedrun, but also because of all the tech involved in the speedrun itself, to the point where every single level has its own fair share of tricks and skips that overall optimize this game. Over the course of 2 years this game has been pushed down by about 3 minutes from what the old world record used to be, involving newer strats and optimizing movement as much a possible. My speedrun is currently world record at the time of this submission (12/27/18), this is by far the best speedgame I've ever seen, because even with it being optimized so much, the essence of what the game really is is still there, the game isn't too "broken" to a point where you skip a whole chunk of the game and don't get to experience the magic of this classic masterpiece. 3 January 18th is friday, I can run then, and also saturday and sunday, those days i can surely do this run.
MarcherifyMarcherify Gran Turismo 6 Any% 4:20:00 PS3 EUR Link It's a lesser known Speedrun game with a couple of really cool tricks. ( Lap Skips and Race Skips ) Also I can WR on stream which always looks good. :P 5 Not sure yet since my shifts haven't been decided yet. I will tell the other mods as soon as possible
CountGoobyCountGooby Mario Kart Wii 32 Tracks 1:30:00 WiiU USA Link Mario Kart Wii is a great and tough racing game to speedrun. It could make for an entertaining race with Cmdr Race with Cmdr 0 8am-11pm CST
TedderTedder Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC) Glitchless 0:56:00 PC USA Link quite a cool cat that shows off more of the game than any%, reminiscent of old HP2 runs before the game got incredibly broken. includes several neat skips that revolve around clever platforming and movement tricks. 5 any day at any time as long as it isn't really late or really early EST
Fire1520Fire1520 Digimon World 4 Any% 2:55:00 GCN USA Link Containing a good mix of WR RNG, marathon safeness, borkne game mechanics, frame perfect tricks and even a couple grind sections to give viewers their much deserved bathroom and groceries break, this run has enough strats to entice viewers and enough chillness to allow for runner-chat interactions to liven up the event. The video is a previous showing at a marathon, watch with chat to improve viewer experience. 0 Run can start start anywhere between 8AM-8PM EST on all days.
Fire1520Fire1520 Digimon World 4 Any% (Max stats) 0:45:00 GCN USA Link By using a fully maxed character, this run shifts from the regular luck adaptation and enemy reaction found in regular Any% to a highly skill based, perfect execution heavy run. Every fight ends within a second of it's start, and having all the reference points to save every quarter of a second will be essential if you want a good time. Highly consistent and relatively short, this run only takes about 45min to blow your mid. *Note: run on the video starts at 6:10 5 Run can start anywhere between 8AM and 11PM EST for all days.
LeftSideWorldwideLeftSideWorldwide Stacking Any% 0:40:00 PC USA Link This little hidden gem has proven to be quite a charming little hit among audiences, and it has a lot of neat little setpieces and ridiculous solutions that keep audiences entertained throughout the run. It's sure to be a treat for all involved. 1 I would much prefer an afternoon run, but as long as it's during the day it should be fine. If I'm scheduled too early then I'll have to keep my voice down for fear of waking others. Somewhere around the 5PM PDT to 10PM PDT area is optimal, as nobody else will be home.
ZintaiZintai Cuphead All Bosses 0:30:00 PC USA Link Educational Commentary on speedrunning Cuphead. I walkthrough how to speedrun Cuphead while staying positive and having fun with chat. I should be finished with the derusting by the marathon. 3 I am available in the late afternoon/evening of all 3 days. Mainly 4pm EST and later.
ZintaiZintai Cuphead All Bosses 0:30:00 PC USA Link This is my more polished PB run minus the educational commentary that I now feature in future runs. 3 Late afternoon onwards starting at 4pm EST all 3 days