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"Insaniacs" is an online speedrun marathon, starting at January 18th and January 19th 2019, with the main goal of "Inclusion". We strive for a diversity in Games, Interests and Leaderboard Rankings.

The speedrunning community is vast and we want to highlight all we can. Community and commentary will be a focus for this marathon.



• January 1st 12:00 AM EST: Submissions Close
• January 18th 12:00 AM EST: Marathon Begins
• January 20th 12:00 AM EST: Marathon Ends



• This event may contain swearing but will be kept to an acceptable range. Inappropriate content that jeopardizes the event are prohibited. Keep all submissions PG-13
• Have fun and reach out to this community for support
• You can to submit up to 3 times in total (all run lengths are encouraged but may affect acceptance due to scheduling)
• You can submit more than 3 runs if you would like to be a backup runner. These runners will be requested to run if something happens that prevents a scheduled runner from taking part in the marathon. Being a backup does NOT prevent you from be a normal runner.
• You must join the Discord Server in order to get accepted



Submissions are closed 😃


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