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You dont need a video for a run a screen shot of a finished race screen will suffice. And if you wanting to record and having problems just reply here and ill offer you help.


Hey, I was interested just to see how this game played, and possibly to do some ILs, and I'm not sure whats up, but with completely unedited files from your .rar I'm getting weird performance. Like, always going at top speed and sprite jitter. I recorded some, take a look?


Sorry for noticing it sooner...5 months and i didn't realize it. I added the records. Also regarding the game performance on speed and stuff. The FPS of the game is outta wack running at like 200-300 FPS, unless you use like fraps to record it will limit the FPS to what ever fraps options you use, but i allow the wacky FPS


Greetings, I set my best score. Hope this isn't dead forum.


Sorry for the long delay, I didn't get any form of a notification. Your time was added.