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Thread: Rename speedruns that use the Radios to NG+

Started by: grande1900grande1900

the way we structure categories doesnt really have a distinction between new game and not new game

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Thread: a question

Started by: DoodleSauceDoodleSauce

yes, you need to buy the game to do runs. if you join the discord it makes these questions a lot easier to answer


Forum: Portal

Thread: a question

Started by: DoodleSauceDoodleSauce

you are not allowed to run on a torrented version of the game.


Forum: Portal: Still Alive

Thread: discord?

Started by: bobcat870bobcat870

for portal mods just use the "mod-discussion" channel in the official portal speedrun discord

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Thread: copied working version of source unpack still doesn't work even after multiple attempts to fix it

Started by: YuriOSYuriOS

does he own the game? you need to own the game on the steam account youre logged in to. (you also need to be logged into steam)


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Thread: what texture mods are allowed?

Started by: Fl1mm3rFl1mm3r

yeah portal / cube textures are fine, the only thing that would be bad is like wall textures with "hints" on them or stuff like that


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Thread: Does anyone know how to make an autosplitter?

Started by: inflameinflame

I think it would be really cool to do, I tried for like an hour, but its too complicated.


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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

I really like the category selection layout, really clean! the only thing I would change is maybe to incorporate your selected theme a bit more into the site, (the logo, some of the text.)

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