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My name is Magnet_Sphere and I promise to advance the inFamous 2 community tenfold with this one thread.

Hello all citizens of New Marais and welcome to my first ever thread ever. I realize I am making quite a bold statement that I can't possibly live up to but that's the exact mindset I would want a devoted player to have, yes, question all I say. Please test out these CRAZY claims I am making and post the results (preferably on YouTube) because I don't have the equipment... In doing so you will not only have the satisfaction of being one of the 14 people that will actually read this, but you will gain the knowledge needed to take down The Beast sub 2:45 pace. My personal goal is sub 2 somewhere down the line (any%)
All information listed here are things I have acquired on my own research and therefore will miss some things. If you know of something not listed here please leave comment to share with everyone.

Now before I get to the meat of the thread I need to clarify a few things. For simplicity's sake, I will abbreviate many terms used repeatedly:
-Example (ABRV) description of action
-Aiming (+) press L1 at any time to enter aiming mode. Aiming cancels a lot of animations including landing roll
-Static Thrust (ST) press R1 in the air without aiming. ST will allow for slowing Cole's vertical movement and maintaining horizontal momentum. ST can cancel some things and has plenty of other uses
-Alpha Bolt (AB) while in aim (+) press R1 to fire an electric Bolt (B). Standard long range attack, useful especially to stun enemies
-Detonation Blast (DBL) fire a Blast (BL) that you can detonate by attacking or jumping off of. The first part of this is kind of lack luster but the second effect is where it shines. This action is treated like a portable car-hop. Useful to gain enough momentum to bypass a little bit of climbing, like a small Ice Launch (IL) without as much horizontal freedom, an absolute must for any Evil Karma%. The DBL is a key component to a certain advanced technique that I am proud to say I am the true founder of. More to come
-Thunder Flop (TF) press melee any time you are in the air to drop down with your weapon. This attack negates a percentage of upward movement and accelerates you downward. You can cancel out of this with ST
-High jumping (HJ) done by jumping and on your way up, hold ST to gain slightly more momentum. Can be done with Ice Launch (IL) to perform a High Ice Jump (HIJ)
-Short Hopping (SH) jump and soon after tap ST to slow/halt your upward momentum. At any time after this you can hold ST to Static Thrust closer to the ground. Can be done with IL to perform a Short Ice Jump (SIJ)

-Until now, running was the best movement option on flat ground, but I say no. My alternative may not be much faster at all but I will argue it must save SOME amount of frames! Run, SH, TF, ST. If done correctly Cole will start jumping but before reaching his peak he glows in electricity, pulls out his weapon, and then lands gently on the ground allowing you to repeat. Again it may not be much faster but I feel it is a LITTLE faster and every little bit counts
-Scaling walls can be a pain. To make the torment end sooner, as you grab a ledge, jump to start the climbing animation. Press and hold jump again to make it go faster, then ST to cancel the climb animation and give you a slight boost. If done correctly Cole will look like a spaz scaling the wall faster than previously
-Extended ST can be acquired by pressing +,+,+,+… in quick succession. It can be done any time during ST but it is best to do it near the end when your horizontal momentum starts wearing off. This is because + tries to set a fix momentum so it’s easier to aim, but to do this it has to subtract a portion of your current horizontal momentum and add a little boost as the camera zooms in. This is why it is more efficient to wait for your current momentum to end
-Teleporting is done once you have the Firebird Strike (FBS) upgrade. If on even ground, R2 then + to cancel FBS. This can also be done in the air with different timing to get a lesser effect than on the ground but still on par with regular FBS. In fact it is still better because you can FBS right after and if you are good enough you can gain upward momentum by canceling right after Cole pops up
-You can quick kill any average size enemy by running up to them and SH, TF. This will ground them and you can proceed to kick them on the floor for a 2 hit kill. On Mini-gunner class enemies it takes a grenade or other strong force to ground, but just a few hits to finish them off and Ice Soldiers jump away as you get close. Negate this with a few AB as you approach
One of my favorite things that I have not found ANYWHERE on the internet is this next technique involving the Ice Shard Blast. If I get to name this I will name it “Sharding”. As soon as you start the Ice Blast animation you can see it’s comprised of two parts. The first part, Cole spawns a bunch of ice shards that float mid-air. The second part he does a blast attack that sends them all flying straight. The key to this is activating the first part but not the second, which can be done by simply letting go of +. If done correctly Cole will spawn the Ice Shards and lower his aim, leaving them spinning around in front of him. These shards are tied in to Coles momentum so if you are jumping they will go straight up, if you are landing, straight down, and if running or on a rail, they fly forward. Not the most practical interaction and not speedrun viable but hey, you can blow up a full health car in one attack or a truck in 2. Uses a lot of power but try it out for sure.
If we’re on the topic of founding techs, I would like to introduce to you my baby and the reason for me writing this thread. Yes it is highly pretentious to name something after myself, but by the Gods, I feel as I deserve this! To do this all you need is a breakable surface you can freely stand on, Detonation Blast (DBL) and a bit of luck.
First for the surfaces, I highly recommend a single plain wooden pallet. Wooden crates also work, and stacks of wooden pallets work only if they took some previous damage (two AB should do it). Avoid the large stacks of vertical wooden pallets, they are indestructible.
Secondly, make sure you know the direction you want to go relative to the surface. Let’s say I want to go North-West from my location. Now I would look at my surface and place the DBL furthest away from my destination, so South-East in my example.
Now the tricky part. Place yourself on the edges of the DBL but not directly on the center. Jump, pray to RNGesus, and ST as soon as you take off. If your praises have been heard and your work fruitful enough, you will be sent flying across the sky like a majestic god of olden lore.
This grand feet surely takes plenty of practice so I suggest U.G.C. for basic practice and finding these launch zones around the town for more accurate representation.
NOTE: you cannot use wooden pallets that are stuck in ground like many of those in the flooded areas

Well that’s it for now I will be sure to post more as time goes on. I no doubt forgot some things but hey, we’re all perfect


Upon further testing with a better controller and more reliable setups, extended ST might not be a thing. I have found that it does change your momentum but only very slightly to the point where it doesnt matter. MAYBE sometimes it'll help you get to that ledge a liiitttllleeee further away but mainly it will be used to steer yourself a little. Much like in super mario sunshine with going first person midair to change direction, but not to that extent. Sorry for any confusion