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Checking the rules for GK 100%, and the exact wording there is:

"Beat the game, selecting all Good Karma missions where applicable, and also:

- All Blast Shards
- All Dead Drops
- All Powers¤
- All Good Karma side missions
- All Secondary Missions¤¤

¤ There's no need to buy or unlock all the powers, since you may not get enough XP to do so.
¤¤ There are secret missions, you have to make sure the red barriers in the map are gone. To get this secret missions, you have to kill enemies inside those red barriers when there are no secondary missions left."

So, all powers are required, but there is also no need to buy or unlock all of the powers? Which one is it? I understand that XP farming would be really boring to do in the middle of the run so I can see why it wouldn't be required, but I just want to clarify that it is indeed the case that not all powers are required and I'm not missing something. Thanks


@SROVRSTRM I read this a little late, sorry. Also there have been some changes in the rules that I'll say here.

Due to XP farming being boring there's no need to buy / unlock the powers, but you require kinda like "All Stunts" but not really, since you can't do the stunts for the EK powers.

Also, I've seen you're using the UGC method of getting the Blast Shards. It's a cool method, but definitely not what I want to see in actual 100%. So I asked for opinion in twitter and 2 runners of the Infamous series liked my idea. So with this in mind, I created 2 categories that pretty much fit what you've done, and will most likely be run by more people if anyone does this because tbh, I think only I like doing 100% the "casual" way.

I understand this might sound weird, but I just don't like that way of collecting the Blast Shard. So from now on:

- 100% GK / EK - UGC mission for the Blast Shards is banned-.
- 100% GK / EK (UGC) - You may collect the 305 Blast Shards by using the UGC mission.