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Thread: Flashcarts

Started by: Glitch23Glitch23


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Forum: Mario Golf

Thread: Mini Golf

Started by: imglowerimglower

Hey I was looking into maybe running this game but I don't see mini golf on the leaderboard. Is there a reason for that? Seems like it would be pretty fun to give that a try. Thanks.

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Forum: Nine Parchments

Thread: Discord?

Started by: dragonsUwUdragonsUwU

Not yet should we make a new one? Or should we add this game to the gauntlet server?


Forum: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Thread: Co-op Runs

Started by: GoodleShoesGoodleShoes

Hi you should probably also make any% the default category because 100% has 0 runs right now lol


Forum: Gauntlet Legends

Thread: Gauntlet Legends Discord

Started by: imglowerimglower

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Join the community if you'd like. This discord group includes Gauntlet Legends, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, Seven Sorrows, and 2014:

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Forum: Paper Mario

Thread: Chapter 5 movement tips

Started by: el_tristoel_tristo

Yeah, the spear guy next to the pipe that leads to the dark room can be lured to the right. The spear guy on the wooden bridge before the first Piranha Plant fight can be lured as well to the south and you can loop around him by doing that. If you need anymore help then this let us know!


Forum: Paper Mario

Thread: JP/ENG version differences?

Started by: miccat87miccat87

1. It depends on the category. For Any% it can't be more than 3 minutes. For Glitchless, it must be much more since there are a lot more text boxes. We have not timed ENG vs. JP yet, but we do know for sure that JP is much faster than ENG for every category.

2. There are two ways of getting Paper Mario JP on the Wii U. The first option is to buy a Japanese Wii U. The second option is to Homebrew your Wii U and get it for free. Neither are a realistic option at this time because no one has $300 to spend on a Japanese Wii U, and Homebrew for Wii U is not currently a thing. (It will be in the future)

3. You can do any% on ENG with no problem. It is nearly the same thing, the only difference is the fact that we can't item dupe on ENG so we just pick up an item instead. You can also do Glitchless with no problem, everything will be the same as JP. (Other than text differences)

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