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Phase 1

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Incentives Availability Date  
BiglawBiglaw Tony Hawk's Underground Beginner Any% 0:40:00 PC USA Link Cause shooley is fuckin cool and also I am tight as hell at this game Blimp Mission - Drive around an arena and save fans hanging from ceiling lights(???) Name the skater - 15 characters, (A-Z, numbers, !@#$^&*()_) whenever
LiterallyLakeLiterallyLake The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time GSR 1:40:00 WiiVC JPN Link Solid length, does two dungeons + end game, many tricks, good marathon run. Evening of the 27th, Afternoon-Evening of 28th/29th
PvtCbPvtCb Doshin the Giant Any% 1:50:00 GCN JPN Link This is not the giant. If these words could possibly describe the amount of negativity in my belly button right at this very moment, your village would crumble under his anatomically questionable feet. This whole legend is a joke. There's been tons of missteps everywhere, the sole reason he's so small right now is due to his incredible lack of love. He's also a complete and utter choker in cramped situations and fucks up vegetation and topology wherever he goes. He doesn't like you guys, he doesn't enjoy helping, the only reason he still rises every morning is in order to force us to build another goddamn monument. He has no social life, all he does is wobble his arms all day and throw shitty shockwaves with the power he earns from skulls. I can't believe he hasn't walked off the world's edge already. This is a complete and utter disgrace to macrophilia. Doshin the Giant, like all truly great games, doesn't have an actual in-game soundtrack. An optional donation incentive to consider would be for donators to request songs to play on stream at like $5 or $10 each, but this is at the discretion of the host. Pretty much a NEET so whenever
PvtCbPvtCb Katamari Damacy Reroll Any% 0:40:00 PC USA Link there is two aspects to speedrun katamri. first is route you have to know a lot of numbers in you own head and know where every relevant thingy and stuff is in every level which is hard. the second aspect is movement you have to be able to control rly well and manipulate your speed exactly how you want to whether its going slower slower or going faster faster or going slower faster (you dont need to ever go faster slower). the difficulty and infinite depth is in combining these two things, route and movement, in a seamless way which requires you to make alot of decisions on the fly about what to pick up in, to anyone watching whos not familiar with the game, an opaque way, because in the best case its all about seeing five seconds or so into the future and planning ahead with boosted or unboosted momentum or changing the hitbox/geometry of the katamari, and in the worst case you just got blasted in the butthole by a ledge or swan boat and have to fix yourself. god bless everyone. dont play this game if you want to just grind a bunch of savestates you have to feel the katamari in your bones. Pretty much a NEET so whenever
SilentHeroSilentHero Final Fantasy X-2 HD 2:45:00 PC USA Link X-2 rules and im kinda good at it. Watch 1000 Words Cutscene
Electra13x7777Electra13x7777 Shin Megami Tensei II Law Ending 2:20:00 SNES JPN Link SMT2 is an awesome Megaten speedrun with a ton of interesting tech such as RNG Manip as well as glitches found in the form of overflows and out of bounds/wrong warps. The first 15 minutes of the run are manipulated by a frame perfect input at the NEW GAME screen after console reset. The manip sets up an inventory overflow which you use to get equipment for Aleph and Hiroko to use for the rest of the game. After equipping and buffing Aleph and Hiroko, we do the first of 3 wrong warps that basically turn the rest of the game into a sequence broken boss rush. 12pm - 12am any day
LazerlongLazerlong Viewtiful Joe Any% Kids 0:42:00 GCN USA Link A solid speedrun, and a way to show support for said marathon/aid. anytime
DaymanAAADaymanAAA Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader Any% Standard Ship No Upgrade 0:45:00 GCN USA Link Fan favorite game and rarely-seen speedrun, Rogue Leader has undergone huge levels of optimization in the past year. The discovery of new death warps, AI manipulation, and improved enemy routing have made each of the ten levels uniquely exciting. Bonus levels (with upgrades) after the run (4 more levels for a total of 10 additional minutes) Available all day on 3/27 and 3/29. Not available on Saturday until after 2:00pm eastern
DaymanAAADaymanAAA XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association XGRA Global 0:35:00 GCN USA Link Fast-paced racing action! With its tight controls and highly abusable powerup system, the fourth and final of Acclaim's futuristic racing titles is a personal favorite of mine. Available all day on 3/27 and 3/29. Not available on Saturday until after 2:00pm eastern
Andrew_ootAndrew_oot The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Defeat Ganon 0:22:00 WiiVC JPN Link Icka is one of my best mods and friends on twitch. She has watched lots of oot and any% no ace is my main category and what I do best. Would love to do a run to support her cause. Available all days of the event AFTER 6pm Pacific time until 10:30pm pacific time.
CCNeverenderCCNeverender Kirby Air Ride All Tracks No Duplicate Rides 0:26:00 Wii JPN Link fast paced run, shows off some cool strategies using unconventional vehicles I generally work till about 10pm EST, so I can run after that. I'm also usually off work on Saturdays, so I should be available in the afternoon.
gunlapgunlap Super Mario Odyssey Any% 1:07:00 Switch JPN Link One hour of scintillating 3-D Mario action. It's a good watch for any speedrun enthusiast. Plenty of time to get donations in too :) Friday: N/A Saturday: 7pm - 11pm Sunday: All day
MrsCandyriaMrsCandyria Untitled Goose Game Any% Glitchless 0:24:00 PC USA Link A lot of people are interested in goose. 27-29. I prefer in the morning or after 2 pm EST.
DaleDukkDaleDukk NieR Any% (A) 3:40:00 X360 USA Link Nier is super comfy and the vc is always poppin Bid war for outfits: Original, Kabuki, Samurai Any time after 7PM EST on the 27th
PrakcityPrakcity Diddy Kong Racing Any% 0:55:00 N64 JPN Link Diddy Kong Racing is an amazing childhood adventure racing game. With advanced tech and glitches it's an experience you'll never forget! After 6PM EST Friday, Saturday and Sunday should be available all day, depends on work schedule
Myth197Myth197 The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Randomizer: Max Settings 3:15:00 GBA EUR Link TMC Randomizer is one of the newest Zelda Randomizers, Max Settings shows off all the content the Randomizer has to offer while not extending the time of the run by much. Even though glitches are disabled, there are many interesting movement sections throughout the run and the randomization itself provides a lot of entertainment. Bid war for NPC Follower, options are: Mailman Zelda Malon Smith King Daltus Cow Goron Anju Any time Friday or Saturday. In GMT timezone so earlier times of day are preferred.
MonadoMonado Luigi's Mansion 3 Any% 2:40:00 Switch USA Link With this being a new release, we have a lot to show off. This would be its second marathon showing outside of ESA which just happened not too long ago. Luigi's Mansion 3 has a lot of interesting skips and tech that can either have us skip full cycles of bosses, skip bosses entirely, or get us through entire floors without needing to explore the majority of them! Pet Polterpup. That's it, that's the incentive. Literally just Pet Polterpup, who of course is a puppo that makes his way around the hotel. You can pet him in Luigi's Room when you first start the game Anytime of Anyday, preferably in the morning CST if possible
BlipBloBlipBlo Super Mario Odyssey Category Extensions Talkatoo% 2:10:00 Switch USA Link Talkatoo% is basically SMO randomizer. Talkatoo gives you a list of moons and you have to get the moons he gives you. It takes massive amount of game knowledge and on the fly routing to do quickly. I can not do Saturday morning and after 9pm (7:30 on Sunday night). All other times I should be available
BlipBloBlipBlo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 32 Tracks 1:22:00 Switch USA Link Mario kart 8 is a cool Mario Kart game. This shows a lot of the Mario Kart game. This will be a 150cc no items run. Quo already knows a lot about this game so I do not need to talk much about it :) Upgrade the run to 48 tracks see talkatoo submission
ypyp Psychonauts Any% 0:40:00 PC USA Link Psychonauts is a cool game yeah Change the category to All Minds/No LSD (Which means the last four stages in the game will be played) Adds 15 mins to the estimate. Any time after 4pm PST, need at least two weeks notice though because of work.
SableDragonRookSableDragonRook Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Console & Time Trials) Dragons/Orbs/Eggs 0:52:00 PS4Pro USA Link The 80 Dragons category of Spyro is one of the most exciting runs the game has to offer. Featuring glitches that offer engaging visuals and totally reinvent the routing of the game by glitching Spyro into a developer's tool located out of bounds, 80 Dragons has been well received by viewers at marathons. The goal is to collect all of the game's 80 dragons trapped in crystal. The category shows off more of the game than any% in addition to its fun glitches and hitbox exploits. I am the current WR holder for this category. I'll be available primarily Friday (anytime from 9am EST to 4:15pm EST). I'd prefer not to run the weekend days so as to hit some other obligations, but I can make it work if needed.
CCNeverenderCCNeverender Pokémon Snap 250k Points 0:35:00 N64 JPN Link I'm just submitting other categories for variety's sake. I'm available Saturday after noon, and any other day after 10pm EST, unless otherwise specified. (My work schedule isnt set, so it can be all over the place)
PeterAfroPeterAfro Gunman Clive any% 0:20:00 PC USA Link simple but fun to watch run and gun platformer bid war between clvie, ms johnson, and duck mode in est friday 1PM-9PM. sat and sun: 9AM-9PM
PeterAfroPeterAfro Jett Rocket Any% 0:50:00 Wii USA Link has cool solar cell routing play through cloud glaciar canyon (lvel which gets skipped) in est fri 1PM-9PM sat and sun 9AM-9PM
PeterAfroPeterAfro Mega Man Rock Force any% 0:50:00 PC USA Link always gets positive reception when I run it at many marathons in est fri 1PM-9PM sat and sun 9AM-9PM
TaymanNDTaymanND Pokémon Puzzle League 1P Stadium 0:40:00 N64 USA Link High skill, mesmerizing to watch puzzle game with a Pokemon skin. A very cozy and nostalgic run. We use an AI exploit that can kill opponents in under 20 seconds if they cooperate, compared to literal minutes per stage for casual players. Bid war for Pokemon selection Donation incentive to show off swag chains after the run (seven minutes) I have a 9-5 office job, so: (times are Eastern) Sunday: free between 10 AM and 10 PM Monday-Thursday: free between 6:30 and 10 PM Friday: free between 6:30 PM and 3 AM (overnight to Satury) Saturday: free between 10 AM and 3 AM (overnight to Sunday).
RaikouRiderRaikouRider Super Metroid Randomizer Accessible 1:20:00 SNES USA Link I have shown SMZ3 at previous NASA-sponsored events to success, and would like to showcase the standalone Super Metroid randomizer for this event. Goal is to find the necessary items to defeat the Golden Four, reach Tourian, and defeat Mother Brain. Bidwar: Save/Kill 3/28 and 3/29 should be available most times of the day. 3/27 not available at all because of family obligations
DrogieDrogie Super Mario 64 120 Star 2:00:00 N64 JPN Link Obscure speedrun category not many know about. It showcases the whole game of Super Mario 64, a forgotten gem for the Nintendo 64, in a fast-paced and entertaining manner. Tabascoth and DrogieSR will race this category to determine which German dialect is the best: The Austrian or the Swiss one. Tabascoth $0/100 Tabascoth runs with a sock in his mouth. thursday evenings CET and weekends, might be hard to schedule for us since we are both somewhat busy with work/studies.
orcrist_gcorcrist_gc The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Sword and Dungeons 2:50:00 Switch USA Link It's a decently short category. It shows off all of the major tricks, every divine beast, and 24 shrines so you can see all sorts of cool overworld movement and fun shrine strats! blindfolded shrines I live in the Mountain Time zone USA. I could be available for any time slot

Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Incentives Availability Date  
LiterallyLakeLiterallyLake The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time No Wrong Warp 0:55:00 WiiVC JPN Link Under an hour, has some cool tricks and a pretty complicated trick in the middle Evening of 27th, Afternoon-Evening of 28th and 29th
LiterallyLakeLiterallyLake The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time All Dungeons 1:40:00 WiiVC JPN Link One of the more risky marathon runs, but a really cool run with all kinds of tricks and glitches Evening of 27th, Afternoon-Evening of 28th/29th
SilentHeroSilentHero Final Fantasy Any% 3:15:00 GBA USA Link Submitting as a race with breach. I bodied him last time, i know he wants that runback and would make for a good show. Breach_Afk
CCNeverenderCCNeverender Tony Hawk's Underground Beginner Any% 1:00:00 GCN USA Link Icka LOVES Tony Hawk. I'm not as good as Biglaw_ is though, but I was told to submit this anyways I should be home from work by 10pm EST everyday, so from 10 till close, I should be available. I'm also usually available on saturdays, after noon
cjitsallgewdcjitsallgewd Mario Party 3 Story Mode (Easy) 5:50:00 N64 USA Link Because I'm CJitsallfuckingGewd Which character to select? Luigi is the easiest Yoshi is the second easiest All the other characters make it harder It's 6 hours, so whatever
cjitsallgewdcjitsallgewd Super Mario Party Mario Party All Boards 2:50:00 Switch USA Link Normal Difficulty I was the former WR holder, I'm actually halfway decent at this one, and I have an offline PB that is pretty close to WR at the moment. Whenever
gunlapgunlap Pokémon Snap Any% 0:21:00 N64 JPN Link Anime, what more do you need? Also, weepinbell snipe? forget it. It's all about those backup strats. Above all else, Pokemon Snap and its amazing, selfless community are going to support Ericka all the way through her endeavors. This run has to be shown, because its for her :) Friday : N/A Saturday: 7pm - 11pm Sunday: All day
gunlapgunlap Super Mario Bros. Any% 0:05:00 NES USA Link its 5 minutes. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk Friday: N/A Saturday: 7pm - 11pm Sunday: All day
MrsCandyriaMrsCandyria Pokémon Snap Any% 0:24:00 N64 JPN Link Just to help. 27-29. I prefer in the mornings or after 2 pm EST.
[Deleted user] VeggieTales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (GBA) All Levels 0:30:00 GBA USA Link This game features unique movement where dashing carries LarryBoy's momentum off a platform allowing him to jump in midair, which allows for good skips and fun movement. Electra_RTA 12pm-12am any day
DaleDukkDaleDukk Drakengard 3 [A] 3:00:00 PS3 USA Link Drakengard 3 is a slideshow, but it's a fun slideshow. The vc is always poppin Final Boss: The true ending final boss is notorious for being dummy hard and also a rhythm game, 2 attempts adds about 15 minutes Any time after 7PM EST on the 27th
BlipBloBlipBlo Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (SNES) 4 or younger 0:05:00 SNES USA Link memes see my talkatoo submission
BlipBloBlipBlo Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side 3:45:00 Switch USA Link Super Mario Odyssey has a Darker Side of the moon. In this speedrun, we go there by getting 500 moons. This is a fact paced category that gets those 500 moons as fast as possible. Friday night 6:30 to 7:30 Saturday night 6:30 to 7:30 Sunday morning 9 - 10 Do not depend on me for afternoons bc they are a coin toss if I am available or not.
SableDragonRookSableDragonRook Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Console & Time Trials) Spyro the Dragon 1:00:00 PS4Pro USA Link The NBS (No Balloonist Skip) variant of Spyro any% shows off a large majority of the game by designating itself as "no major glitches." The goal of the run is to defeat the final boss, Gnasty Gnorc, which requires collecting 50 dragons, 5 dragon eggs, and 6000 gems. This Spyro category also features flight levels, for which I have held multiple WRs and remain competitive into the fractions of a second. I can run a flight level showcase of Spyro, which can take whatever form would best suit your marathon. I can show off each flight level's WR routing, see the best time I can get in each one in a certain # of attempts, or see how close I can come to WR in a certain block of time. The longest flight level is around 1m 10s, so even 15 minutes would be enough time to showcase these. I'll be available primarily Friday (anytime from 9am EST to 4:15pm EST). I'd prefer not to run the weekend days so as to hit some other obligations, but I can make it work if needed.
SableDragonRookSableDragonRook The Last Guardian Any% 3:45:00 PS4 USA Link The Last Guardian Any% is a unique run that requires constant management of an AI; it is unique and remains engaging throughout as a type of speedrun not often seen at events. Because any% does not feature sequence-breaking skips, viewers are treated to the entire heartwarming Last Guardian story in a speedrun setting: maximum joy in minimum time. This run was performed at Frame Fatales in Feb 2020, and viewers LOVED Trico and stayed to watch the run's gripping story. I'm currently 40 seconds from taking 2nd place, and better-than-WR pace is shown in my splits.  Watch all cutscenes. At every other marathon I've run this game at, people are SO sad if they don't get to watch the cutscenes, especially at the end. Timing stops before you find out what happens at the end of the story, and the viewers at GDQ were just about ready to go on a march when the cutscenes weren't allowed to play. They said they would have donated to be able to watch them. I'll be available primarily Friday (anytime from 9am EST to 4:15pm EST). I'd prefer not to run the weekend days so as to hit some other obligations, but I can make it work if needed.
atxmartinatxmartin The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap firerod% 0:45:00 WiiUVC JPN Link the firerod is an debug item that allows us to copy floor tiles. This item we open up alot of new options for routing and interesting techniques to beat the game as fast as possible. donating towards an up to 6 character filename every day from 6-12pm cet
atxmartinatxmartin The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Glitchless 2:35:00 WiiUVC JPN Link glitchless shows of alot of areas that are skipped in any%. Its focus is mostly on movement but also cool strats. donating towards an up to 6 character filename every day from 6-12pm cet
atxmartinatxmartin The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Any% 1:52:00 WiiUVC JPN Link any% is a good mix of movement, glitches and strats. The fast pace from the middle of the run onwards makes the category very interesting to watch donating towards an up to 6 character filename every day 6-12pm cet
PeterAfroPeterAfro Backyard Skateboarding any% (GOTY) 0:25:00 PC USA Link challegnes ranged from precise movement to insane combos to difficult tricks file name in est friday 1PM-9PM. sat and sun: 9AM-9PM
PeterAfroPeterAfro Mega Man Rock n' Roll any% 1:00:00 PC USA Link Features roll, who can double jump with her jetpack, which breaks every stage you can play as her in play through secret stage in est friday 1PM-9PM. sat and sun: 9AM-9PM
RaikouRiderRaikouRider The Legend of Zelda Any% No Up+A 0:45:00 WiiVC USA Link I am heavily invested in the randomizer for Zelda 1 and a lot of the skills from it translate well to the vanilla game. The run will use the 2-first route. Current PB is 39:42; video is of my run in a past NASA-affiliated marathon. Goal: Change category to 100% No Up+A (adds 10 minutes) . Category video: Incentive: File Name (3x 8 characters) Bid war: Link sprite choice (can provide a list if accepted) 3/28 and 3/29 should be available most times of the day. 3/27 not available at all because of family obligations