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Thread: Softlocks playlist (including a new one)

Started by: jjg27jjg27

It only happens in the JP version. If you cancel out the dialog box before Headdy gets to the left side of the screen and jumps in place, it won't change his animation.


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Thread: Greetings!

Started by: icekitsuneicekitsune

Hello, I am icekitsune, better known as Samui (or is it the other way around?) .I am a relatively new runner, been streaming on and off since 2013. I started out with Dynamite Headdy(JP), and still play that regularly. I haven't been very active until recently (and hopefully, I'll be more consistent this time). I'm picking Headdy back up, using the vanilla JP ROM this time, and am also running Sonic 3 & Knuckles as Tails.

Outside of speedrunning, I am a retro gamer and a writer. I also mess around occasionally on UT99.

Here's hoping I'll actually be active when I say I will, for once!