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Hi guys,
I'm interested in running the GBA version of this game, but there isn't a leaderboard for it. Does anyone know about the GBA version?


Hey! If you'd like to speedrun the gba version, just download the ROM and run it. I'll make a GBA category if you post a run in the forums. Godspeed, friend.

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Alright then, thanks. I'll post an any% run here. This game takes some time, so it won't be ready soon but I'm willing to do it.

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Hey, I finished the optimization of the GBA vesion. Here's my any% run:

You can know more about how I played it in the video description.

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Here is my first 100% run. I intend to do a better one.


maybe this isn't how speedrun dot com normally handles stuff but imo the gba game is a totally different game, so shouldn't it have its own leaderboard?


depends on the game and how people like it set up. I would personally prefer if each leaderboard was separate, but some people put different games onto the same leaderboard if they are under the same name, usually just so there doesn't have to be multiple leaderboards, so the game looks more active, or so the leaderboard looks more full.