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Thread: very hard "glitchless/no skips" category idea

Started by: rb_astronomyrb_astronomy

about hard mode:

For any% and 101% there is already a difficulty filter. if you want to compare against other runs that used hard mode (including obsoleted runs) you can just filter by difficulty. This was a decision made a few months after the game released due to the community and runners not wanting 3 different boards for what is essentially the same run (you do not change your playstyle at all for hard mode, the only difference is dealing with the AI pulling a clock or orb, making you randomly lose time).

about glitchless:
Polswid does not save enough time on its own to warrant a category split (about 1 minute if you play perfectly on the 4 races it effects) and does not skip any parts of the run. This would be comparable to making a category without Zig-Zagging in Crash 1-3 or without hobsliding in NST.

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Forum: Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Thread: Crystal Challenges have been moved to CTRanking

Started by: iTheDashyiTheDashy

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The "Level Leaderboards" category, previously containing the Crystal Challenge Individual Level runs, has been removed; and all previous submissions to SRcom for Crystal Challenges have also been moved to CTRanking. This change is to unify all ILs to the same site that we have used since the game came out, including Time Trials, Relic Races, and even Ring Rally scores.

The new Crystal Challenges boards can be viewed and submitted to here: