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what runs should be featured any% 100% and any%hard and 100%hard id guess?


I think those are the main categories for now, yes. probably the most focus will be on any% for a while


I have silly questions, for any% do you only have to do the Main quests and would i need to set up any splits ?


Yeah, you only need to do main quests. Splits are up to your own personal preference. They're only really useful for timing yourself, seeing what sections you're doing well in, etc.
If you want, I can upload the splits I'll be using, to give you an idea of my below-average time sheet =P


Splits are for you, they are used to tell how you are doing in your current run against your older runs and splits. Ive seen people run games without them at all if you dont want to bother. For Any% thats just beating the game as fast as possible, so as of right now all main quest will need to be done, that is until someone finds a skip for some.


Thanks guys I am fairly new to the whole speedruning and for the splits it would be super cool if you could upload them it would give me idea of what to do 🙂 Perhaps I will try to run the game today see what happens.


A category that encompasses all the training ground quests would be good. The catefory would consist of completing all 15 training ground trials with top marks. Anything would be allowed, so it's would be an end game type category. I for one would love to see the strats used for it.


Since they are timed, I could see those being ILs

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Does anyone know if it's possible to NG++ with the new weapons to start with 4 ideal coils. Instead of having to wait till after the day break siege quest/Meridian to purchase them?

I could see that being advantageous to a NG+ run vs a NG++ run for extra stats on weapons. Less menuing etc

So if I submit a run that is NG++ on the NG+ board( if you can infact do a NG++). I don't want it to be in potentially the wrong category.