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When you are doing the Deep Secret of the earth quest you will encounter the reversed puzzle. You have to get the emitter and the code is just the up side down image but here is the combination: Down, Right, Up, Left, Down and make sure you start from right side.

EDIT: This maybe random puzzle and depends on difficulty. I did mine on normal.


could be different upon difficulty need someone else to check to verify on easy it was :
down.... left.... up... right.... down


Small skip I found while trying to optimize the child/tutorial part of the game, saves about 15 seconds.

I'll be on the lookout for other times that you can die/fail at the right time to skip forward.


Hey I posted this in glitches too, but since this is relevant to the Deep Secrets Puzzle I'll post it here as well. Basically you can skip the first puzzle entirely by grabbing the power cell from underneath the floor.

During Deep Secrets of the Earth when you have to solve the two puzzles you can really easily skip the first one. Instead of opening the first door and going around to get to the power cell, just use the focus to see where the power cell is, and then go under the platform at the far end of the double puzzle room and jump around until you get a pick up prompt. Alloy can just grab the power cell from under the platform at the right spot (didn't seem to be that precise) and move straight on to the second puzzle. Shouldn't be too hard to save 15ish seconds that way.