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I found a few things during my Casual Playthrough.
1. When jumping, if you wiggle back and forth, you gain a slight amount of height, which can allow you to make some jumps you couldn't before.
2. If using the Double Up/Triple up perk, if you do the loading input while rolling, you will load an arrow without the animation. Along with this, the number of arrows stocked is saved per bow. So if you get three arrows notched on your shadow bow, and switch to your War bow, those three arrows will still be stocked if you switch back to the shadow bow, as long as it's the same arrows as before.
3. I seemed to get a lot of animal bones when I killed wildlife with fire arrows. Not much grounds for this one, so it would need to be tested.
I'll keep you guys posted if I find anything else.


Messing around with Floating Aloy Glitch, found that it still persists if you fast travel, might be useful.


Hey guys, I discovered a trick to fall from a great height and avoid dying at the bottom. A friend said speedrunners might find it useful, e.g. to get somewhere quicker when you can't fast travel.

Here's a video demonstration:

I called it, "breakjumping."

Basically, the trick relies on the fact that you fall faster than blast sling bombs, which have a physics presence you can collide with. If you fire one ahead of yourself before you jump and you manage to bounce off of it just above the ground, your speed relative to the bomb won't produce impact damage, but the bounce off will break your fall and you'll land on the ground unharmed. It's tricky as hell but it can definitely be done with practice.

Tips & notes:

I found it easier to simply fall off the ledge than jump. Jumping just felt more error-prone. In some cases, though, it might be better to jump, or maybe roll, if you have to fire the bomb further away to land somewhere specific.

I found that picking a spot on the preview throwing arc and falling as the bomb passes it is a good synchronization method.

Aim straight down and don't pull back all the way on the sling. Just tap the trigger. Otherwise the bomb goes too far out and is hard or impossible to land on. Rolling might help if so.

The reason why I'm aiming all the way through the jump is to use the Hunter Reflexes skill (rank 1 in Prowler tree) to augment my own mediocre reflexes. The slo-mo made it easier to adjust my timing and trajectory and land on the bomb, but you guys as speedrunners might need to learn to fire and let off the aim immediately for the sake of time. Your call.

I used a proximity bomb because I have the Disarm Traps skill (rank 3 in Forager) which allows me to pick the unused bomb back up. On a speedrun you might not have this, so any Blast Sling bomb would probably do. Not sure about regular sling ammo, but it probably works too.

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Unrelated: I can't get the airwalking trick to work as described. Has it been patched, or does it still work for you guys and I just suck at reproducing it?


I guess this thread should be updated to include some more recent discoveries and other videos...

About your question: I'm not sure, since I haven't patched the game. I do know the devs were planning on patching the airwalk, though.


Also, it turns out you can do a double jump using the "breakjump". Aim downwards and shoot with sling (either Sticky or Proximity bombs) right at the apex of the jump to be able to jump again.


Feast your eyes on this!


Air walk as in with the mount? Cause thats a 1.00 thing



Nice! Might use that myself. I'm not a speedrunner, but I'm a photo mode freak, and it might let me get the camera in better places in cities, where it's normally locked to the playable area. Cheers. 🙂


Hey y'all, found a glitch in my casual play through today that should save a few seconds. Don't have a video sadly, but it should be pretty easy to find and recreate (this may be already known but didn't look like any of the top runs use it). Basically you can skip the power cell puzzle during Deep Secrets of the Earth.

During Deep Secrets of the Earth when you have to solve the two puzzles you can really easily skip the first one. Instead of opening the first door and going around to get to the power cell, just use the focus to see where the power cell is, and then go under the platform at the far end of the double puzzle room and jump around until you get a pick up prompt. Alloy can just grab the power cell from under the platform at the right spot (didn't seem to be that precise) and move straight on to the second puzzle. Shouldn't be too hard to save 15ish seconds that way.

Hope this helps! Sorry if it's already known.

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Thanks for the post kbeux but this already known.


Sweet, blast sling jumps should be helpful for climbing the sides of mountains for things like banuk figures or metal flowers for 100%. During my casual playthrough i kept trying to take the shortest route, but there was always either one jump just out of reach or the intended route was just quicker even having to go around to find the way up. I'll test and see


Sling double jumps can be a bit hard to get consistently. In some cases damage boost jumps might be a better alternative:


Hey guys, fan of speed running but not a runner myself. I ran into a glitch i thought the community should know about! Actually im not sure if its a glitch. You see i found invisible objects you can stand on inside of one of the cauldrons. Ive found 6 objects so far and marked them out with trip wires. Could someone walk me through posting my ps4 video for you guys? If these things are all throughout the game they could be really useful for skipping things.


Oh! Before i forget! It was Cauldron XI (triangle inside the tp) in the room with the tallnecks in it.


AzrielDemourn to post the video; first you want to trim the video so it only shows what you need. Click options while hovering over the video in gallery and click trim. Follow the instructions from there. After that, link your youtube channel through settings>playstation network/account management>link with other services>youtube. After that, go back to the video you trimmed and click the share button while hovering over it. You will be able to upload it to youtube there. When it is done you can link the video here.


Thanks EverydaYAussiEHD. Here is that clip.i move through it kinda fast but there are 6 objects total from my short time looking.


Hey just curious. I posted that video a while ago. Did anything ever come of this? Is this the kind of stuff you guys are looking for?


Nothing from that one, but any glitch might become useful. Anything aside from visual bugs obviously.


I don't speed run this game anymore, but I found this skip a while ago. I was never sure how much time it would save or if it would be useful at all (and if this thread was even still active) so I was hesitant to post about it. I haven't played the game in a while though so I don't know if it's been patched out or not.

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Hey I can tell it's been a while, but I just recently decided to start running this game. I was wondering if anyone's found a consistent setup for Air Horse One? Preferably usable anywhere, as it would make travel to new quest areas much quicker. I've played around with it but I can only get it working at Brightmarket by luring a charger into the town, shocking it, overriding it, then clipping through a warehouse with it and suddenly I can run anywhere at that height, as long as I don't take damage, get off the charger, or get close to an object. I've tried doing what was done in the video above, jumping over an object and at the height of the jump, warping to a bonfire higher in elevation, but that never seems to work for me.