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This thread is for suggesting new subcategories for existing boards, reporting runs that are against the rules, or anything that fits the sort.

This is not to be confused with requesting categories. Please put your run in the “Category requesting” leaderboard, and we will act accordingly if it is accepted or rejected.

All future forum posts forward from this one requesting something will be locked, removed, or simply ignored.

Thank you.

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I think this is where I'm supposed to post subcategory suggestions? Not sure, but if it isn't you can delete it so all good. For two subcategories that I want to suggest are for UHC Champions. Rushing certain extra ultimates could be quite interesting, Specifically Anduril and Tablets of Destiny. Anduril is pretty common to rush and competing to see who can rush (And win with it) faster would be interesting. Tablets is a somewhat rarer extra ultimate but it's very powerful, with a team it can take in between 10 - 20 minutes to rush. I'm suggesting these for solo though because I feel the person should have to win with (For Anduril) Using Anduril as a duel wield or as there main sword for the whole game. And for (Tablets) Having them keep it on there main sword or dual wield as well for the whole game. And running for these should require a win, for an added level of difficulty. Thoughts?


So would you suggest win a game using only Andúril, Win a game while duel weilding with Andúril, or just crafting Andúril. I like the idea for a run including Andúril with how versatile it is while still leaving a challenge.

Also how would you feel about getting max bloodlust as a run?

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Either the first or second option. Also, a max bloodlust run sounds great!

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