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I requesting for add rule for ONLY VIDEOS ALLOWING and not photos or screenshoots due its so easy to hack an screenshot or to hack a photo, i saw some IMPOSSIBLE speedrun from the same user.

This user in question have all speedrun (so easy to win) in videos, except 2 (impossible to timing) with photos.

No more extends, i am requesting add rule forced video link

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I agree with the video thing. Also, I did some runs and two were photo based runs, and just in case you WERE talking about me, I'd like to whole heartedly promise I wasn't cheating. If you weren't talking about me, disregard this message.

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The easy way to show if just a 5 seconds video with level name and result. It's allowed. I will look at your screenshots.

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They were POKEMON TRAINING and The Combine 2.1. I wasn't recording them, I totally wish I was, and I'll record any future ones.


It can be faked by recording the time. You should put a rule that you need to have a replay or RTA of you doing it. I can for example photoshop the time and just put the image in front of me and record it. I have seen a couple of WR runs not having video proof. Also, Who is the guy you are talking about? So, Removing the runs without video proof, would be a good idea as its so easy to fake. I can fake one run right now so you can see how is it is. (im not submitting fake runs btw lol)

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Yeah, i thought video was always needed lol.


add the rule to each level if you can, so it can be clear