Adventure Mode - Standard in 31m 55s by Gamer_DavidGamer_David - 1st place

Version: Download
DLC: Yes
Submitted by:
Gamer_DavidGamer_David on
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Wii U on
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TororoShinpeiTororoShinpei on


Name Duration Finished at
Defeat 300 Enemies 1m 06s 000ms 1m 06s
Defeat the Darknut's 2m 06s 000ms 3m 12s
Warrior of Water 2m 15s 000ms 5m 28s
Forgetful Foe Quiz 2m 17s 000ms 7m 45s
Defeat the Enemies 2m 46s 000ms 10m 31s
Devastating Attacks 1m 33s 000ms 12m 05s
Capture the Keeps 3m 00s 000ms 15m 05s
Defeat the Enemies 2m 46s 000ms 17m 52s
Uninvited Guests 3m 09s 000ms 21m 01s
Stop the Enemy Plan 3m 30s 000ms 24m 31s
Go Alone 2m 48s 000ms 27m 20s
Defeat the Demon King 4m 35s 000ms 31m 55s
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